PixelStacker - photo realistic pixel art generator 1.17.2c

A PixelArt Mosaic Generator that builds photo realistic art in Minecraft.

  1. Pangamma
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, Japanese, Danish, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Dutch
    PixelStacker is a program built to make multi layer pixel art using blocks from Minecraft. It incorporates the use of stained glass stacked on top of other blocks in-game. The result is better blending and more color selections. It is my hope that you enjoy this program. I made this program as a proof of concept for creating high quality pixel art. This program provides a few viewing options to help you actually build the art in-game. You can also save to PNG or Schematic format. Most importantly. You can use the double layer mode which combines stained glass panels with newer Minecraft blocks to create an even larger color pallet.

    For a list of all the features, and some examples, check out the website I made specifically for this tool. https://taylorlove.info/pixelstacker/
    Also you can try out the API as well. https://taylorlove.info/projects/pixelstacker/swagger/index.html

    Please leave a review if you use it. I like reading your reviews. They are like fuel for the fire.

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Recent Reviews

  1. ngxkhai01
    Version: 1.17.2c
    I very, very love it. The software is more completely good than my expectation of a pixelart generator to Minecraft can do. the colors is correct and have 2 layers that make me easier to choose the fit color if just wrong a little.
    And i also have a issue. In the lastest release I can't right click to choose the same color as before. And i wish the current block editor have a pallete bar to save favorite colors and color selector that i can choose the custom colors to redraw somethings directly.
    1. Pangamma
      Author's Response
      Wonderful. Glad it is working for you so well. You're the first person to ask for a color palette editor replacement. (I was wondering if anyone would comment about that) I actually do have a FEW ideas in mind for that, but would benefit from getting user opinion on it. Can you join the PixelStacker discord and give your preferences on the current proposals for it? There's a few different modes that could be used. Maybe more mode than one would make it into the final design. Thanks!
  2. AyUniz
    Version: 1.17.2c
    At first I was skeptical, but finally it is one of the most impressive external tools I have seen with Minecraft!
    Congratulations on this very high quality software.
    1. Pangamma
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad this software is getting the job done and kicking ass.
  3. DevBukkit
    Version: 1.17.2b
    I keep seeing this project coming up on my resources page and keep thinking "wow, this is an incredible project" I do not know how on earth you managed to make this but it's absolutely amazing and the art looks magnificent.
    1. Pangamma
      Author's Response
      Thank you! It took me a lot of time and a lot of research and a lot of science but it's a pretty snappy FAST program and it produces good results. I'm proud of it. :) If you have any suggestions or things that the program is lacking let me know. Especially in the discord where I'm most active. Assuming I have people that are willing to provide feedback, I have some ideas on improvements to the color picker.
  4. akrrkvkakrrkvk2
    Version: 1.17.1c
    I'd like to add a filter Minecraft version of the material selection option.

    And it's a very good program.
    1. Pangamma
      Author's Response
      Funny you should mention that, because it's already a feature! In the materials select list just search for the version of MC you want blocks from. For example, try searching "1.17" for all blocks that were added in 1.17.
  5. AkiraSatona
    Version: 1.17.1c
    This is an amazing piece of software. Super Easy to Navigate and the grid system makes mapping out your blocks incredibly easy especially when they all tend to get blurred together if you look at them for long enough

    It does take a little getting used to however. I had to go through the material selector to confirm what blocks were what initially but overall got the hang of it really quick. I used to make Pixel art as a hobby then fell out of it once the program I used to use vanished So this is definitely a welcome software for me.

    My only suggestion for future updates is a feature that when you roll over the blocks with the cursor it tells the user what block it is without having to go into the Material selector to confirm it.

    Overall though definitely worth all the 5 star ratings.
  6. i998979
    Version: 1.17.1c
    This is the best standalone resource for building pixel art. Me and my friend have used this for so many times.
    It is also good to see that the block selector menu is updated. It helps a lot in choosing different kind of blocks.
    Keep up the good work and dont get affected by negative review. You deserve more appreciation.
  7. Demon_I
    Version: 1.16.1c
    Horrible UI, no ability to multi-select/unselect blocks.

    Only renders 1.12 schematics even though it lets you use later blocks.

    Insists on replacing solid colors, in this case green and grey, with dozens of blocks in a blurry mess to, maybe, if you look REAL hard, from 10000 blocks away, it might just look grey, but since it's made of diorite, glass, andesite, etc... when it's literally the same color as light grey concrete, we've got a "programmer" here that's trying to be fancy rather than making something simple that works.

    Spent the ~10 minutes unchecking every, single, block, one-by-one then only selected concrete. Still refused to use grey and tried to mash a blurry mess together. I actually just started laughing out loud thinking about the utter disaster this program is and the fact it has so many 5 stars.

    Then again, these reviews are calling it a plug-in and such, so clearly they're either solicited and fake reviews or some special people. Either way, thanks for the laugh I guess, it wasn't worth the time I wasted trying to use this junk.
    1. Pangamma
      Author's Response
      "Horrible UI, no ability to multi-select/unselect blocks."

      That's not something I ever advertised as a feature. Sounds like a good idea though. How about you make a feature request for it instead of complaining.

      "Only renders 1.12 schematics even though it lets you use later blocks."

      Yeah, try .schem files. .schem is the format to use for every version after 1.12.

      "Insists on replacing solid colors, ..." You can very easily just override any color selections by right-clicking before the selected block choice. Or just completely disable materials you don't want. Also by default the color cache reduces the number of unique colors to improve speed by a factor of 125x. You can just turn that off if you don't want it.

      "Spent the ~10 minutes unchecking every, single, block, one-by-one then only selected concrete."

      Try ctrl + a, then ctrl + d. Same shortcuts as windows file system management.

      "Still refused to use grey and tried to mash a blurry mess together."
      What settings were you even using? Post the json file.

      I can assure you that all reviews for this program are very much real. It is clear that you've had a frustrating experience using software that other people have said is very easy to use. Why else would you be such an asshole over a piece of free software that has had hundreds of hours poured into it. No one else has complained to the level that you have in this review. Most other people are able to find the support discord and ask questions when needed or they are able to figure it out on their own if incredible results which they enthusiastically share. In your case, I'm not sure what else to tell you except that it, "sucks to suck".
  8. TNTUP
    Version: 1.16.1c
    Oh deer god!!! Thanks for making a such masterpiece of software!!!!!!1

    I can now finally use 1.16+ materials to convert PNG to schem formats for my server then paste it with Worldedit and make maps for players!

    Even if the program guess it right or wrong, you can change the blocks as you wish to to make it fit to your likings!! So much smart I'll use it much in the future if I want to put more art on the server!

    Been using SpriteCraft plus another website but they're stuck on 1.12.x materials or not updated, they're great too!

    PS: Also love the highres EXE icon, makes the software CUTE!!!
  9. paladin7378
    Version: 1.16.1c
    Holy hell! This plugin is top-tier.

    Easy to use. Easy to import with WorldEdit.

    Thank you very much :D
  10. AlecMor
    Version: 1.16.1a
    Dude, I've created an account here just to review your work. It's awesome. Thank you so much for doing it and leaving it open source. Also, this new update with the new materials and the optimization of the second layer (glass) is absolutely amazing. Congratulations, keep up the excelent work.
    1. Pangamma
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your encouraging review! I'm glad you are finding value in this software.