PixelVip 2.0.4

A plugin to manage VIPs on your server

  1. FabioZumbi12
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    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
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    PixelVip is a plugin to manage vip on your server with easy commands, easy configuration and a lot of features:
    • Generate Keys with quantity of usage for same Keys;
    • Generate keys for commands, to give itens or permissions, or any type os commands;
    • 100% compatible with RankUp server adding the player to vip group not removing the other player groups;
    • Allow more than one diferent Vip to be activated, and allow player to choose what use;
    • Full syncronization between Spigot Bungee network;
    • The time is counted on exact moment of activation and not at 00:00 of day. Your players will use 100% of your vip time ;)
    • Configurable commands to run on change vip, remove vip and on vip finish;
    • Commands to give extra itens based on % when the player use a key;
    • The previous group of a player is stored, to on the end of vip, get back to your origin permission group;
    • Hook with Vault to change the player group automatic;
    • Strings 100% translatable;
    • TAB completion for groups;
    • The time counter is based on millis not needing the plugin to save the vip time every time to file;

    Bukkit version: https://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/pixelvip/
    Sponge Version: https://ore.spongepowered.org/FabioZumbi12/PixelVip

    Commands and Permissions:

    [] = Needed
    {} = Optional

    The permission pixelvip.cmd.player is given by default for players, and other perms only for OPs.

    Player commands:

    Command: /usekey [key]
    Aliases: /usarkey
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.player
    Description: To use a generated key to activate a vip;

    Command: /viptime
    Aliases: /tempovip
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.player
    Description: If the player is vip, use to see the days left to end your vip;

    Command: /setactive [group] {player}
    Aliases: /changevip, /trocarvip
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.player (pixelvip.setactive for use with {player})
    Description: To change to other vip, if the player has activated more than one key;

    Admin commands:

    Command: /newkey [group] [days] {uses}
    Aliases: /gerarkey
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.newkey
    Description: To generate a new key based on configuration lentgh and existing Vip groups, and optional amount of uses of same key;

    Command: /newitemkey [cmd1, cmd2, ...]
    Aliases: /newikey, /gerarikey
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.newitemkey
    Description: To generate a new ITEM key to give itens based on commands on use the key;

    Command: /additemkey [key] [cmd1, cmd2, ...]
    Aliases: /addikey
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.additemkey
    Description: To add items(commands) to existing VIPs keys and ITEM keys;

    Command: /delkey [key]
    Aliases: --
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.delkey
    Description: To remove any type of generated key;

    Command: /listkeys
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.listkeys
    Description: To list all available Keys;

    Command: /removevip [player vip] {group}
    Aliases: /delvip
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.removevip
    Description: To remove a vip of a player, or remove all vips of player (if more than one key activated and if {group} is not specified), and put the player back on previous group;

    Command: /addvip [player] [group] [days]
    Aliases: /givevip, /darvip
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.addvip
    Description: To add a vip for player without key, giving the itens on activation. If used in an existing vip plan, the days will be added;

    Command: /setvip [player] [group] [days]
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.setvip
    Description: To add a vip for player without key and without send activation itens. This command is like a silent activation. If used in an existing vip plan, the days will be added;

    Command: /pixelvip reload
    Permission: pixelvip.cmd.pixelvip
    Description: To reload the configuration from file;

    Bungee Syncronization(beta):
    PixelVip is ready(beta) to work in bungeecoord, to sync all Vip plans between all your Bungee servers.

    How to install:
    1. Put the same downloaded jar in your BungeeCoord plug-ins folder;
    2. Download the latest version of plugin (version 1.0.2+) and on your Spigot servers, go to /plugin/PixelVip and change this options on config.yml: [​IMG]
    3. On serverID put the name of your server like you used on BungeeCooord config.yml. You need to give the same ID to do not make the sync loop on every command/syncronization;
    4. You need to add the same groups on all servers in your permissions plugin;
    5. Use /pixelvip reload after finish the changes;

    How this sync works:

    When someone use a PixelVip command in one of the server with sync enabled, the argumments will be sent to all other server with bungee sync enabled.

    The sync DONT use schedulers! This sync will only send argumments when a player:
    1. Activate a key;
    2. Generate a key;
    3. Change the vip to other (if more than one is activated);
    4. On vip finish;
    5. On Vip removed;

    Notes about BungeeCoord:
    BungeeCoord need at least one player online on Bungee server to receive the argumments. Then if theres no player online in one of the Sync servers, the action will be pendente until a player join on server.

    This feature is not 100% tested (but is 90%) waiting to be tested on more ambients and situations i can test on my server and on my off-line server.

    PagSeguro API:
    Portuguese: Agora o PixelVip já funciona com a API do pagseguro. Veja como configurar e baixe a API jar do pagseguro na WIKI: https://github.com/FabioZumbi12/PixelVip/wiki

    • Suggestions?

    The source is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/FabioZumbi12/PixelVip-Spigot

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    Version: 2.0.4
    very gooooooood plugin
    please update 1.14.x
    1. FabioZumbi12
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review. Its not workink or getting errors on 1.14? Use the discussions or my github to report the issues you are having.
  2. Aneryan
    Version: 2.0.4
    great plugin... can you make option to not using mysql ssl? i hate to see warning about ssl in my console... i also tried ?useSSL=false but fail.. because you have other mysql connect argument
  3. Loading
    Version: 2.0.4
    Fica floodando o console quando o vip de alguém acaba e quando a pessoa dá /trocarvip <nome do vip>
    1. FabioZumbi12
      Author's Response
      Obrigado pelo review! Configura direito que não acontece isso!
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    Version: 2.0.3
    Why do players play cards when they have more data? They will be stuck from time to time when they play slowly.
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    Version: 2.0.3
    How to connect BungeeCord I could not link HELP HELP HELP HELP ME
  6. 2212426297
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    Does it not support the use of GroupManager plug-ins?
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    Version: 2.0.3
  8. Matisinho837br
    Version: 2.0.2
    Muito bom mas voce podia colocar pra gera uma key so pra um jogador
    e depois manda pra ele
  9. Stiven_Ding
    Version: 2.0.2
    No better one than this! Great!
    P.S.: I cannot use the placeholder when my server was 1.11.2, but when I update to 1.12.2, it works. Confusing.
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    I must say.... this plugin is total best plugin for VIP functions on spigot... Gj developer 5 stars for you, plugin working perfectly :)