Place Items On Ground [Rebuilt] [1.9 - 1.15] 1.0.6

Place Items On The Ground Again!

  1. The Chat Update

    Quarantine has given me enough time to make a plugin update!

    This update changes how chat messages work so be sure to report any issues.

    +Chat message customization. Every message for this plugin can now be customized!
    +Support for 1.15 (Tested plugin on all new 1.15 items and determined that functionality was not affected.)
    +Support for legacy PlotSquared for servers ruining versions of Minecraft older than 1.13

    *Player data file is no longer created on the main thread when the player joins
    *Fixed bug where placed items could be seen floating if pistons retracted a block with an item placed on it

    Adding a custom messages has opened the door for translations! If you speak another language and want to translate the plugin let me know! :)
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