Place Items On Ground [Rebuilt] [1.9 - 1.15] 1.0.6

Place Items On The Ground Again!

  1. Multi Language Improvement Update

    Special thanks to qsefthuopq for translating the plugin into Chinese!

    *Fixed issue with translated language files not being able to use their proper name
    *Chinese translation added
    *A few comments in the default config file and lang file were changed but I am not forcing these files to update again

    How to add a different language to the plugin (1.0.6 and up):
    1. Go to the Language section in the Overview section of the plugin website
    2. Download the desired language file
    3. Put the language file in the plugin data file where the English file is
    4. Change the languageFile line in the config to the name of the downloaded language file.
    5. Restart your server
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