Place Items On Ground [Reloaded] [Retired] 1.1.5

Place Items On The Ground!

  1. The Usefulness Update

    This update adds a few useful, but not entirely necessary features!

    Update List:

    +An in game update checker
    +A toggle for the update checker
    +The tag [Place Items] for all things said by this plugin in chat
  2. The Permission Bug Update

    This update fixes a bug with item removal protection!

    Update List:

    *Fixed a bug with blocks not being allowed to be broken
  3. The 1.8 Update

    This update adds the long awaited Minecraft 1.8 support to this plugin!

    Update List:

    +1.8 support!
    *Fixed pressure plates
    *Reorganized code quite a bit
  4. The Stability Update

    This update removes the doStacking option from the plugin.

    Update List:

    -Removed doStacking (placed items can no longer be placed on the same block)
    *Cleaned up the code a bit

    Note: The point of this update was to remove unstable features so it can be a more stable plugin.
  5. The Saving Update

    This update adds an autosave feature for the data files!

    Update List:

    +Config configurable autosave timer for the files
    +New command: /setplaceautosavetime
    +New permission: pimplace.canChangeAutoSave
    -Removed an annoying debug messages from the console window
  6. The Complete Overhaul Update

    This update could also be called the panic update!

    Update List:

    *+A completely redone plugin
    +Replaced metadata system with a file system
    -Removed metadata system
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  7. The (kinda) Server Friendly Update

    This update was all about adding features and support!

    Update List:

    +Added support for 1.10
    +Added a help command
    +Added a item default item placement cap for all players on the server
    +Added a configurable item placement cap for each player
    +Added commands and permissions for the 3 items above
    *Major fixes to legacy support
    *Minor tweaks to the item lists
    -Removed 1.8 server support (I can bring this back if it is absolutely needed)
  8. Extremely Small Tweak

    Update List:

    *Fixed the ability for items to be placed on carpets

    --A bigger update will be out in 3 to 5 days hopefully--
  9. The Tweaks Update

    This update focused a lot on smoothing out the rough edges of the plugin!

    Update List:

    +Enabled helmets, bones, and shields
    *Fixed buttons and end rod
    *Fixed some bugs with removing armor stands
    *Fixed some minor config file bugs
    *Fixed leads
    *Updated placement blacklist (no more placing floating items)
    -Removed all possible blacklisted items

    [Technical Stuff]
    ~Fully documented code
    ~Removed depreciated methods
  10. The Functionality Update

    This update adds a ton of administrative feature!

    Update Feature List:

    +Added permission (tested with PermissionsEx)
    +Items now rotate with the player
    +Added config file
    +Added config file commands
    +Added toggle-able item stacking (defaulted to false)
    +Added command to kill all placed items withing a 16 block radius
    +Improved item location detection
    -Removed item placement cap

    --The Plugin Overview Page Contains More Detailed Info--