PlaceholderAPI OtherPlayer Expansion 1.3.0

Get coordinates, displayname, gamemode, health, hunger, level, and more of another player.

  1. LethalBunny
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    *Now on Papi eCloud!

    A simple expansion for PlaceholderAPI for retrieving details of another player not the calling player.

    %otherplayer_getname_<player>% // added in 1.1.1 (case-insensitive and returns PNF if player does not exist on your server)
    %otherplayer_hasperm_<player>_perm_<permission.string>% // added in 1.1
    %otherplayer_haspotioneffect_<player>_effect_<effect_name>% // added in 1.1 //see note*1
    %otherplayer_iteminhand_<player>% // added in 1.1
    %otherplayer_iteminoffhand_<player>% // added in 1.1.3
    %otherplayer_<player>_itemininvhasname_<name/material-name>% // added in 1.3.0 // see note*2
    %otherplayer_<player>_itemininvhasname_<name/material-name>_amount_<amount>% // added in 1.3.0 // see note*3
    %otherplayer_<player>_itemininvcontainsname_<string-to-match>% // added in 1.3.0 // see note*4
    %otherplayer_<player>_itemininvgetamount_<name/material-name>% // added in 1.3.0 // see note*5
    %otherplayer_ip_<player>% // added in 1.1
    %otherplayer_oxygen_<player>% // added in 1.1

    - Replace <player> with the name of the player who's stats you desire.

    - Spells returns "none" if no spells, or a list of spells from the bukkit api in title case separated by spaces.
    eg: "Night_Vision Water_Breathing"

    Also returns some error strings if errors caught:

    "" - (empty string) Respective value does not exist
    PNF - Player Not Found
    PDNE - Placeholder Does Not Exist

    Note*1: List of potion effects <here>.
    Note*2: Returns PNF/true/false. Can be name assigned name of item or material name that matches exactly.
    Note*3: Returns PNF/true/false. If amount specified is less than 1, it will assume any amount.
    Note*4: Returns PNF/true/false. Returns first match that contains provided string. Eg. Can be used to check if player has "chestplate" of any sort.
    Note*5: Returns 0 or greater. Will add up multiple stacks if they match the name provided.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Asqhal
    Version: 1.3.0
    nice plugin
    1. LethalBunny
      Author's Response
      Thank you! but it's not a plugin... it's an extension TO a plugin ;)
  2. tomtehtom
    Version: 1.1
    Great addition to use with Hover messages on players in chat.
    Just wondering, why is this not just added as an expansion to PAPI?
    1. LethalBunny
      Author's Response
      cause i've been mostly lazy and somewhat busy with school lol. I'll add it today