PlaceholderAPI OtherPlayer Expansion 1.3.0

Get coordinates, displayname, gamemode, health, hunger, level, and more of another player.

  1. 1.3.0 - Added inventory item checking

    - Returns PNF/true/false. Can be name assigned name of item or material name that matches exactly.
    - Returns PNF/true/false. If amount specified is less than 1, it will assume any amount.
    - Returns PNF/true/false. Returns first match that contains provided...
  2. version 1.1.3 was the wrong file

    Sorry my bad, uploaded the wrong jar in the previous version...
    THIS is the 1.13.1 jar
  3. Support for 1.13.1 and new method

    version 1.1.3 = Updated to Spigot 1.13.1 and Papi 2.9.2.
    - upgraded deprecated method to no longer deprecated
    - added iteminoffhand placeholder
  4. internal update for API compatiblity

    Clip will be implementing API to use getName() method to identify expansions on ecloud and your installed directory. This is to support that future update.
  5. added _getname_

    yes you're entering the name already BUT you can enter a case-incensitive name and get returned the full propper name. Also a good way to check if player exists on your server at all as it'll return PNF if it doesnt.
  6. Added new placeholders and updated getPlayer method

    - No longer uses deprecated getPlayer(String) method
    - Added new placeholders:

    %otherplayer_haspotioneffect_<player>_effect_<effect_name>% //uses deprecated getItemInHand method