PlaceholderAPI Scoreboard Objectives Placeholder 3.2.5

Retrieve the score of objectives for calling player using PlaceholderAPI placeholder!

  1. L3thalBunny
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    A simple expansion for PlaceholderAPI for retrieving the score of a scoreboard objective for the calling player.


    added in 3.2.2:

    %objective_scorep_<obj-name>% = exactly the same as %objective_score_<obj-name>%
    %objective_scorep_<obj-name>_[otherPlayer]% = will check if the optional parameter [otherPlayer] is a player, if not returns PNF

    - Replace <obj-name> with the name of your objective and it will return the integer score as a string.
    NOTE: objective name's cannot contain underscores
    - Replace OPTIONAL parameter [otherEntry] with Player name, Offline Player name or non-player Entry to get their score instead of the calling player. Note: [otherEntry] is case sensitive! Meaning playerone and playerOne would be considered two different entries.

    Also returns some error strings if errors caught:
    "" - (empty string) Score does not exist
    PNF - Player Not Found (or is Console without optional parameter)
    PDNE - Placeholder Does Not Exist

    3.2.1 = is a broken version, Do Not Use it
    Version 3.2.0 is now future compatible and does not use any deprecated methods! =D

    In versions 3.1 and lower: use the deprecated getScore(player) and getPlayer(String) methods, may not work in future versions if these methods are removed from bukkit/spigot.
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