PlaceholderAPI 2.10.9

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  1. 2.10.2 Phase two


    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to Phase Two of removing EzPlaceholderHook from the plugin.

    If you are a little confused, please refer to the update notes on the last update.

    Phase Two consists of a few different things. First off, plugins using EzPlaceholderHook will no longer be able to register their placeholders (they've been aware that this change was coming for over a year now). Second, you will still continue to get a message in your console urging you to reach out to the developer of the plugin in order to have them update it. This is SUPER important because we don't want their plugin to stop working when we launch into phase three of the plan.


    The PlaceholderAPI Team

    In other news, let's covers the other changes in this update
    - Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be able to get on the server before the placeholders registered
    - Placeholders now register one tick after the server has finished loading
    - Cleaned up small parts of the code to increase some efficiency
    - Prevented EzPlaceholderHook from having working placeholders

    #72 (May 10, 2019 10:48:53 AM)
    1. We don't even need an api version. It breaks stuff.. (commit: 9377129) — Ryan McCarthy / githubweb
    #71 (May 10, 2019 10:47:13 AM)
    1. Initial attempt at preventing EzPlaceholderHook from working. (commit: 62e282c) — admin / githubweb
    2. Cleaned up excess code in TimeUtils (commit: 111f546) — admin / githubweb
    3. Added documentation / explanation for the ServerLoadEvent (commit: 68fa793) — admin / githubweb
    4. Added myself as an author to the plugin. (commit: 5472be6) — admin / githubweb
    5. Changed to use authors instead of hardcoded. (commit: 00333f9) — admin / githubweb
    6. Bump version to 2.10.2 for release (commit: 9b667fe) — Ryan McCarthy / githubweb
    7. Set API version to 1.14 even though it doesnt matter to us (commit: 09db82a) — Ryan McCarthy / githubweb
    8. Remove clipsplaceholderapi since its no longer just clips placeholder (commit: c902485) — Ryan McCarthy / githubweb
    9. Fix numerical order of expansions in papi ecloud list (commit: f4409a6) — Ryan McCarthy / githubweb
    #70 (May 8, 2019 4:08:09 PM)
    1. Changed placeholders to register 1 tick after server startup. (commit: 9a2fb89) — admin / githubweb
    2. Changed to use easier way. (commit: 5aaa972) — admin / githubweb
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