PlaceholderAPI 2.11.1

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  1. 2.10.7 The Expansion update


    Developers: This update has the potential to break your hooks / current placeholder providers if you are using outdated methods that are no longer supported. All placeholders being registered must now be registered in the form of a PlaceholderExpansion whether provided as a standalone jar or included with your plugin. The PlaceholderHook class should no longer be used and is scheduled to be removed next update. You must now register / unregister placeholders through PlaceholderExpansion#register() / unregister() .

    Our wiki will provide you with an example of updated API usage.

    Community: This update could possibly break some things for you depending on the expansions you use for placeholders or the plugins you use that parse PlaceholderAPI placeholders. So far with the expansions and hooks we have tested, the issue should be minimal but there is no guarantee... If you find a bug with a certain expansion or plugin that sets placeholders, please reach out to the developer and ask them to update.

    This update brings many improvements and new features to the plugin including, but not limited to:

    • API access simplifications
    • Placeholder parser performance improvements
    • Command system rewritten, some commands have changed, use /papi
    • Tab completions on everything
    • Support for 1.16

    Updates to the permissions:

    Code (Text):
        description: "Ability to use all PAPI commands"
        description: "Ability to use all PAPI commands"
        description: "Ability to use all PAPI ecloud commands"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to view the list of PAPI commands"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to view expansion information"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to list active expansions"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to access PAPI eCloud"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to parse placeholders"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to reload PAPI and its configuration"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to view the version of PAPI installed"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to register expansions"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to unregister expansions"
        default: "op"
        description: "Notifies you when there is a PAPI update"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to view cloud expansion information"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to list eCloud expansions"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to clear the local eCloud expansion cache"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to toggle/enable/disable the eCloud manager"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to view the status of eCloud expansions"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to update registered eCloud expansions"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to refresh the local eCloud expansion cache"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to download an expansion from the eCloud"
        default: "op"
        description: "Allows you to view the placeholders of a eCloud expansion"

    Updates to the API include:
    Code (Text):
      => PlaceholderExpansion

    PlaceholderExpansion#onPlaceholderRequest(Player, String)
      => PlaceholderExpansion#onRequest(OfflinePlayer, String)

      => PlaceholderExpansion#getRequiredPlugin

      => N/A (use the expansion cloud for this)

      => N/A (use the expansion cloud for this)

    PlaceholderAPI.setPlaceholders {Any version of this method}
      => PlaceholderAPI.setPlaceholders(OfflinePlayer, String)
      => PlaceholderAPI.setPlaceholders(OfflinePlayer, List<String>)

    PlaceholderAPI.register {Any version of this method}
      => PlaceholderExpansion#register

    PlaceholderAPI.unregister {Any version of this method}
      => PlaceholderExpansion#unregister

      => PlaceholderAPIPlugin.getInstance().getLocalExpansionManager().getIdentifiers() // identifiers
      => PlaceholderAPIPlugin.getInstance().getLocalExpansionManager().getExpansions()  // expansions
      => PlaceholderAPIPlugin.getInstance().getLocalExpansionManager().findExpansionByName(String)       // lookup by name
      => PlaceholderAPIPlugin.getInstance().getLocalExpansionManager().findExpansionByIdentifier(String) // lookup by identifier

    You can view all of the changes we made for this update directly on GitHub

    You can request help for issues either on GitHub or our Discord server

    Have a good day! :)
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