PlaceholderAPI 2.11.1

A resource that allows information from your favorite plugins be shown practically anywhere!

  1. 2.10.8 we good?


    • All deprecated methods that may have been removed in 2.10.7 and broke a ton of hooks to other plugins are restored with a set time of removal at 2.13.0. This should provide enough time for these hooks to update.
    • PlaceholderExpansion#register() is no longer deprecated
    • Registering placeholders must be done through PlaceholderExpansion#register(). Any plugins or expansions that register through PlaceholderAPI#registerPlaceholderHook() will fail gracefully, encouraging the end user to nag the developer to update.
    • maven repository artifactid is restored to lowercase as it has always been.
    • Command text has been reformatted a bit and also include missing help commands.
    • ChatColor is now parsed when placeholders are parsed again.
    • /papi dump will now provide some good debugging information to provide to HelpChat if you have issues.
    There are quite a few other small changes that might not affect anyone but if you are interested you can check them out in the commit history.
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