PlaceholderAPI 2.10.10

A resource that allows information from your favorite plugins be shown practically anywhere!

  1. 2.10.10 Adds 1.17 Support, Quality of life changes and more


    Hey everyone!

    This release brings a lot of neat changes to PlaceholderAPI, most of which being quality of life changes for you as developer or server owner.

    • 1.17 Support (#658)
    • Added getBoolean(String, boolean) method to PlaceholderExpansion (#454)
    • Added ExpansionsLoadedEvent for when all PlaceholderExpansions have been loaded (#460)
    • PlaceholderAPI now generates with Javadoc jars when build on the Jenkins Server (#429, #512, #513)
    • Added Javadoc comments to a lot of fields, methods and similar (#443)
    • Fixed and improved TimeUtil class (#423)
    • Fix /papi info <expansion> suggesting wrong expansion names (#473)
    • Fix issue with getting Player for /papi parse command (#529)
    • Fix PlaceholderAPI breaking when loading corrupted/invalid Expansions (#517, #530)
    Other changes
    • Switched from JSONMessage to Kyori Adventure Library (#661)
    • This Repository now uses Discussions! If you have feedback, ideas or questions can you ask them there
    • We use GitHub's new Issue forms, an enhanced version of Issue templates which are currently in public beta. (#580)
    • Dropped support for 1.7, may still work, but we do not guarantee it.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this update:
    svenar-nl, andre601, xknat, darbyjack, stijnb1234, thienbao860, gianscode, steve4744, notmyfault, piggypiglet, lauriichan, rbluer, blitzoffline, weihao, harieo, granny, leonmangler, cj89898, elijahrus250, eggsy, srbedrock, roinujnosde, happyrogelio7, hempfest, kqliber, matahombres, loohp, hsgamer, lucko, vshnv, starmism, funny-cube

    Please report issues via the GitHub page on via our Discord.
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