PlaceholderAPI 2.9.2

A resource that allows information from your favorite plugins be shown practically anywhere!

  1. 2.9.2 The legacy versions update


    This update adds support for any relevant minecraft version... At least any supported on Spigot.
    Added ability to register or unregister individual expansions without reloading everything.
    Added 1.13 NMS support
    Added daddy
    Changed /papi parse to require a player to target: /papi parse <player> <text>
    Fixed quite a few small bugs...

    You can see the entire changelog below:


  2. 2.9.1 fix

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  3. 2.9.0 The OfflinePlayer update

    Fixes issue where plugins requesting placeholders fail to hook with PlacrholderAPI due to missing methods.


    We now support parsing placeholders for OfflinePlayer

    What does this mean for you?

    For servers:
    Once placeholder expansions/hooks/plugins start updating to support the new methods introduced in this update, you will essentially be able to show placeholder values for players that aren't...
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  4. 2.8.7 Expansion cloud v2 stable


    Fixed: issue with PlaceholderAPI expansion cloud becoming inaccessible after /papi reload is executed.

    Improved: Java 8 contributions and suggestions by @Sxtanna
    Improved: Spigot update checker

    Added: Actually check if unverified expansions should be included/excluded when fetching ecloud expansions

    You can see the details here:
  5. 2.8.6 Expansion cloud API v2 update


    PlaceholderAPI is now using the Expansion cloud v2 web API which allows quite a bit more functionality such as viewing placeholders in game as well as expansion version history and ability to download a specific version of an expansion.

    The command system has been refactored to not depend on a specific server implementation (bukkit or spigot) as we now use a nice JSON message API instead of Spigot TextComponent.

    A bug has been patched related to...
  6. 2.8.5


    This update has quite a few changes and improvements. Nothing that anyone will notice in terms of functionality.

    The configuration system has been reworked internally.

    There have been a few additions to the API that will solve issues with PlaceholderExpansions being registered from the dependency plugin and not provided by the ecloud. Currently when the /papi reload command is executed, these expansions are unloaded and not registered again. These...
  7. 2.8.4 fixed IllegalArgumentException


    This is a fix for the sudden spam of IllegalArgumentException errors being reported on my Discord, in reviews, and in the discussion thread when using /papi ecloud list commands.....
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  8. 2.8.3 no more console spam with "auto download expansions"


    • Fixed update checker
    • Updated to bStats 1.2
    • Removed auto download expansions function. Use /papi ecloud download <expansion> for expansions you want to install.
    • Fixed expansion cloud being refreshed every time the plugin is reloaded. Use /papi ecloud refresh to fetch the latest expansion list when you need to.
    • Minor text fixes
    So close to 100k downloads! This may be the update that hits the milestone! Thank you to everyone who uses...
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  9. 2.8.2 preparation for expansion cloud v2 / minor API changes


    Internal changes related to Configurable expansions:
    Changed the order in which expansions that implement Configurable have configuration options loaded. Previously the configuration section was only populated if the expansion registered successfully. Now the configuration section will be populated before the expansion canRegister method is called. This way if an expansion needs to verify something like checking if a mysql connection was successful...
  10. 2.8.1 The world of bugfixes update lol


    If you missed update 2.8.0 be sure to read the update notes in the updates tab!

    Fixed issue where expansion would attempt to be downloaded multiple times if a download is currently in progress and an unregistered placeholder is used.
    (would attempt to download as many times as the placeholder was used)

    Removed debug messages from console for relational placeholders.