PlaceholderAPI 2.11.1

A resource that allows information from your favorite plugins be shown practically anywhere!

  1. 2.11.1 - %s Bug Fix


    Hey everyone,

    This release brings a quick fix to a bug that was introduced in v2.11.0 that a limited number of users were facing when they had plugins that were using String#format in conjunction with PlaceholderAPI.

    Also a note for developers, the deprecated methods that were scheduled for removal last release have been pushed back to v2.13.0. Please take this as a final reminder to update to the new methods....
  2. 2.11.0 Adds 1.18 support, new expansion features, dependencies updates and more


    Hey everyone!

    Another day, another release of PlaceholderAPI. This one brings quite a few new features and bug fixes to the plugin.

    1.18 support (#752)
    By far the most important change. PlaceholderAPI now supports Spigot/PaperMC 1.18.
    Remember that as of writing this, PaperMC 1.18 is not considered to be stable yet, so use it at your own...
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  3. 2.10.10 Adds 1.17 Support, Quality of life changes and more


    Hey everyone!

    This release brings a lot of neat changes to PlaceholderAPI, most of which being quality of life changes for you as developer or server owner.

    • 1.17 Support (#658)
    • Added getBoolean(String, boolean) method to PlaceholderExpansion (#454)
    • Added...
  4. 2.10.9 back to normal


    • Fixed issues with maven repo regarding Jetbrains annotations when using other IDE's
    Like this update to pay respects
    • Updated deprecation methods in PlaceholderAPI class. Now normal methods of setPlaceholders will not nag you regardless if you use Player or OfflinePlayer.. This also resolves issues with plugins providing placeholders as both methods pre 2.10.7 are functional from PlaceholderHook....
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  5. 2.10.8 we good?


    • All deprecated methods that may have been removed in 2.10.7 and broke a ton of hooks to other plugins are restored with a set time of removal at 2.13.0. This should provide enough time for these hooks to update.
    • PlaceholderExpansion#register() is no longer deprecated
    • Registering placeholders must be done through PlaceholderExpansion#register(). Any plugins or expansions that register...
  6. 2.10.7 The Expansion update


    Developers: This update has the potential to break your hooks / current placeholder providers if you are using outdated methods that are no longer supported. All placeholders being registered must now be registered in the form of a PlaceholderExpansion whether provided as a...
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  7. 2.10.6

    • Added missing setPlaceholder methods
    • Fixed a bug where the player couldn't be parsed via placeholders on first join
    • Fixed the plugin throwing errors when an expansion couldn't be loaded. It will now just debug to the console that X expansion couldn't be loaded.
    • Fixed parsing placeholders on eCloud commands
    You can check out all of the changes since 2.10.5 here:...
  8. 2.10.5 Turns out size does matter


    It is strongly recommended PAPI users update to this version.

    Forward all issues to @PiggyPiglet (jk)

    This update provides a fix regarding eCloud connectivity which caused errors on startup for many lately.

    Currently, only the latest version of expansions are available in game but this change was made to the eCloud backend. Rolling out version history will not...
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  9. 2.10.4 minor update


    This update allows cancelling expansion registration via Bukkit events if for some reason you do not want to allow an expansion to be registered via code. A few other small things are included but its not a huge update. This event cancellation is necessary in some cases so a huge update for those cases....


    #79 (Sep 19, 2019 2:26:58 PM)
    1. ...
  10. 2.10.3 Fixed ordering of expansion lists as well as updated to 2019


    Fixed ordering with /papi ecloud list. Pages no longer start at 2 and every page after 1 should not start at 1.

    Updated license headers to 2019 so we don't live in 2018 anymore.

    Be sure to leave a review if your server has benefited from this resource. It would mean a lot!

    Below are the latest changes:

    #75 (Jun 21, 2019 12:53:48 PM)

    1. ...