PlaceholderAPI 2.10.4

A resource that allows information from your favorite plugins be shown practically anywhere!

  1. 2.10.4 minor update


    This update allows cancelling expansion registration via Bukkit events if for some reason you do not want to allow an expansion to be registered via code. A few other small things are included but its not a huge update. This event cancellation is necessary in some cases so a huge update for those cases....


    #79 (Sep 19, 2019 2:26:58 PM)
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  2. 2.10.3 Fixed ordering of expansion lists as well as updated to 2019


    Fixed ordering with /papi ecloud list. Pages no longer start at 2 and every page after 1 should not start at 1.

    Updated license headers to 2019 so we don't live in 2018 anymore.

    Be sure to leave a review if your server has benefited from this resource. It would mean a lot!

    Below are the latest changes:

    #75 (Jun 21, 2019 12:53:48 PM)

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  3. 2.10.2 Phase two


    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to Phase Two of removing EzPlaceholderHook from the plugin.

    If you are a little confused, please refer to the update notes on the last update.

    Phase Two consists of a few different things. First off, plugins using EzPlaceholderHook will no longer be able to register their placeholders (they've been aware that this change was coming for over a year now). Second, you will still continue to get a message in your console urging you to...
  4. 2.10.1 Lets have a talk edition

    Over the past few weeks, the PlaceholderAPI team has been discussing how we want to shape this plugin going down the road. Our long term goal is stability and accessibility. This means that we want the plugin to work as efficiently as we can while also letting developers work with it in whichever way we want.

    That being said, we need to discuss some changes. Sixteen months ago, we deprecated one of the methods developers could be used to add placeholders, developers will know this method as...
  5. 2.10.0 rip daddy

  6. 2.9.2 The legacy versions update


    This update adds support for any relevant minecraft version... At least any supported on Spigot.
    Added ability to register or unregister individual expansions without reloading everything.
    Added 1.13 NMS support
    Added daddy
    Changed /papi parse to require a player to target: /papi parse <player> <text>
    Fixed quite a few small bugs...

    You can see the entire changelog below:


  7. 2.9.1 fix

  8. 2.9.0 The OfflinePlayer update

    Fixes issue where plugins requesting placeholders fail to hook with PlacrholderAPI due to missing methods.


    We now support parsing placeholders for OfflinePlayer

    What does this mean for you?

    For servers:
    Once placeholder expansions/hooks/plugins start updating to support the new methods introduced in this update, you will essentially be able to show placeholder values for players that aren't...
  9. 2.8.7 Expansion cloud v2 stable


    Fixed: issue with PlaceholderAPI expansion cloud becoming inaccessible after /papi reload is executed.

    Improved: Java 8 contributions and suggestions by @Sxtanna
    Improved: Spigot update checker

    Added: Actually check if unverified expansions should be included/excluded when fetching ecloud expansions

    You can see the details here:
  10. 2.8.6 Expansion cloud API v2 update


    PlaceholderAPI is now using the Expansion cloud v2 web API which allows quite a bit more functionality such as viewing placeholders in game as well as expansion version history and ability to download a specific version of an expansion.

    The command system has been refactored to not depend on a specific server implementation (bukkit or spigot) as we now use a nice JSON message API instead of Spigot TextComponent.

    A bug has been patched related to...