Plan | Player Analytics 5.0 build 410

The Ultimate Tool to monitor player activity! Bukkit/Sponge/Bungee support.

  1. Rsl1122
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Already running on over 1250 servers! :)

    Player Analytics is the ultimate server staff tool to monitor how players are playing your server.
    A built in webserver displays insights into different aspects on the server such as Online activity, Playerbase and how these change over time.

    Plan supports multiple different platforms and versions;
    Spigot, Paper, Sponge, SpongeForge, Bungeecord, Velocity, Cauldron & all derivatives; from 1.7 to 1.15 - One jar for all platforms.



    Bukkit Set-Up | Bungee Set-Up

    After setting up Plan on a server you should consider
    securing the web pages with a SSL Certificate

    [​IMG] Support on Discord

    • @Argetan, Code contributor
    • @Vankka, Code contributor
    • @BrainStone, Code contributor
    • @DarkPyves, Code contributor
    • @MicleBrick, Code contributor
    • @Morsmorse, German translation (DE)
    • @fuzzlemann, Code contributor, German translation (DE)
    • Eyremba, German translation (DE)
    • @enterih, German translation (DE)
    • @CyanTech, French translation (FR)
    • @DaveDevil, Italian translation (IT)
    • @f0rb1d (佛壁灯), Simplified Chinese (CN) translation
    • yukieji, Japanese (JA) translation
    • TDJisvan, Turkish (TR) translation
    • jvmuller, Brazilian Portugiese (PT_BR) translation
    • @Aurelien30000, Code contributor, French (FR) translation
    • @aidn5, Code contributor
    • @qsefthuopq, Simplified Chinese (CN) translation
    Supported plugins

    AdvancedAchievements | AdvancedAntiCheat | AdvancedBan | ASkyBlock | BanManager | BuyCraft | DiscordSRV | Essentials | Factions | GriefPrevention & GP+ | Jobs | Kingdoms+ | LiteBans | LuckPerms | McMMO | Nucleus | ProtocolSupport | RedProtect | SuperbVote | Towny | Vault | ViaVersion

    See here for full list

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Recent Reviews

  1. Curtis73
    Version: 5.0 build 410
    Incredibly detailed analytics plugin with regular updates & a great support team.
  2. LeonardJKE
    Version: 5.0 build 410
    Excellent statistics for your server. It looks really cool. There is plenty of data to analyze. Thank you for this resource
  3. runescapejon
    Version: 5.0 build 410
    Very very nice plugin, it's well develop. That include many many featues and soon more to come. If anyone has any issues or any feature you may want. The developer is quick to reply. This plugin is pretty much most of all API's this make it easier for server owners to manage this plugin well and to it's fullest potential. Thank you for taking your time to develop this.
  4. swerck
    Version: 5.0 build 410
    i had a problem with setting up the plugin, got support on discord within seconds. Rsl1122 thanks for this super great plugin
  5. Creperland59
    Version: 5.0 build 410
    Good plugin, but you can create a similar one in the
    I can put it on my website, without opening ports, from the server to the web.
  6. VermiumSifell
    Version: 5.0 build 382
    Holy cow! Good job Rsl1122 but i miss one thing! And that is a authentication system!
    1. Rsl1122
      Author's Response
  7. RafricOFC
    Version: 5.0 build 382
    Awesome Plugin!
    Friendly Developer! Asked how to change the language and it was very fast and helpful! =D
    Every server must use this!
    Highly recommended
  8. thejaxx5
    Version: 5.0 build 367
    Waited for update to give review. Now that locale is working, this plugin in is phenomenal! I am highly surprised that it is a free plugin with the quality and dedication that is put in to it.

    Thank you!
    1. Rsl1122
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the 100th rating! :)
  9. orbinfog
    Version: 5.0 build 335
    I'm sorry, why on Earth is this free?

    This plugin is absolutely amazing for literally any server.
  10. blaukat
    Version: 5.0 build 335
    why is this free.

    For any server out there this is one of the single most important plugins you could install.

    RSL1122, You are a saint.
    1. Rsl1122
      Author's Response