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The Ultimate Tool to monitor player activity! Bukkit/Sponge/Bungee/Velocity support.

  1. Change log 5.2 build 1174

    5.2 build 1174
    This update brings a bunch of small improvements and bugfixes to prepare for the next leg of the development of new features - a lot of extension related work is planned for 5.3.

    Bugfixes in change log now have the earliest affected version in square brackets so you know if your version is affected.

    Special thanks to Creeperface01 and WolverStones for their contributions to this update.

    Change log
    Data gathering
    • (New) End crystal caused kills are now counted as PvP kills when a player caused the crystal to blow up.
    • (Critical) Fixed World times not being gathered properly [builds 1097+]
      A missing "update world state" call from session end event lead to sessions missing the last played world's data completely
    • Fixed CPU usage related UnsatisfiedLinkError when running inside a container [all versions]
    • (New) Added Geolocations filter to the Query page
    • (New) Join address pie is now displayed as text if there is only single join address in the database.
    • Fixed JSON cache fetching the wrong thing for sessions json sometimes [builds 1062+]
    • Fixed HTTP 500 on Query page when using MySQL (mariadb not affected) [builds 1147+]
      • Prevented single broken filter breaking all filters in the future
    • Fixed JSON cache related NPE when website was accessed before plugin fully enabled [builds 1062+]
    • Fixed player page sessions calendar having a spinner despite having loaded [builds 1147+]
    • SQLite now waits for queries to finish on shutdown due to the potential for JVM crash when the connection is shut down by another thread than the one doing the query. This does not cause delays if the website is not accessed near the server shutdown. [all versions]
    • Added more messages to plugin shutdown to let users know what Plan is waiting for before disabling
    • Few typos in Czech locale fixed by WolverStones
    • Fixed a bunch of typos
    • Locale files on the repository updated with new language lines
    • PlaceholderAPI (nukkit) version updated by Creeperface01
    • Test coverage increased from 41% to 53%
      • Largest impact comes from a test that checks 200 different variations so that all web endpoints are returning correct access codes instead of being broken.
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