Plan | Player Analytics 5.0 build 415

The Ultimate Tool to monitor player activity! Bukkit/Sponge/Bungee support.

  1. 5.0 build 415 - Change log

    5.0 build 415 - Change log
    This is a bugfix release

    • #1332 Fixed error in BentoBox Extension
    • #1333 Fixed common error with 'string_value' String truncation on MySQL.
      This was a regression bug due to my refactoring and affected multiple extensions that stored String values over 50...
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  2. 5.0 build 410 - Change log

    5.0 build 410 - Change log

    This update brings some bugfixes that have been ready for a while, I've just been super busy and haven't had time for releasing them.

    In addition to this I've begun work on Page Extension API which will allow adding new pages to Plan by other plugins. This seems to be a pretty hefty refactoring of the whole request-response stuff in use on Plan to...
  3. 5.0 build 382- Change log

    5.0 build 382- Change log

    Added Webserver.Security.Disable_authentication setting
    This setting allows disabling Plan authentication when https is set up, and it defaults to false to avoid previously secured servers from being exposed.

    Added %plan_player_favorite_server% placeholder
    Displays the same server name for the player who sees the placeholder as the one on the player page....
  4. 5.0 build 367 - Change Log

    5.0 build 367 - Change Log

    This update brings a big bunch of great bugfixes. Thanks for everybody who tested & reported bugs in the dev versions. Please note that you'll need to accept a new GeoLite2 EULA for Plan to download the geolocation database after the update.

    If you're using Export I highly recommend this update as it fixes a memory leak in Html Export.

    If you would like to support development, please consider...
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  5. Year in Review - Change log 5.0 build 335

    Year in Review - 5.0 build 335

    This December marked 3 years of Plan development. It has been an interesting year.
    Year in review post below, change log for this bugfix update at the bottom.

    I was going to write about what was done this year, but that became a 2 page essay so I scrapped it. Then I tried to write about the amount of work that went into this year, but that turned into another long essay.

    Long story short, this year I worked on 5.0 update almost...
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  6. TimeZones & Nukkit Support - Change log 5.0 build 309

    TimeZones & Nukkit Support - Change log 5.0 build 309


    Implemented a better TimeZone setting (#718)

    Previous setting only allowed UTC or server timezone. New Setting Formatting.Dates.TimeZone accepts timezone formats like 'GMT+2', 'GMT-05:30', 'UTC' and 'server'.
    Time.Use_server_timezone will be removed...
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  7. 5.0 build 292 - Change log

    5.0 build 292 - Change Log
    This is a bugfix release.

    Fixed player register date being incorrect on Networks
    A bug introduced in build 279 (In Minimize register dates-feature) caused the register dates to be maximized, leading to player's most recent register date on spigot/sponge servers being used as the register date on networks.
    • Fixed the source of the bug by flipping a '<' to '>'
    • Added a...
  8. 5.0 build 288 - Hotfix

    5.0 build 288 - Hotfix

    Hotfix for some bugs (one new, one old)

    • @Vankka helped fix DiscordSRV Extension not registering
    • All Platforms should now use newer MySQL driver that is inside Plan. This should fix incompatibilities with MySQL 8 (for example fix "Unknown system variable tx_isolation")
    I did not test the MySQL 8 compatibility because having 2 different mysql installations...
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  9. 5.0 build 286 - Change log

    5.0 build 286
    • @Vankka has updated DiscordSRV Extension so the integration should be fixed (And IllegalStateExceptions cease)
    • Exported player pages should now display their values properly
    • Player pages should show value loading issue errors properly
  10. 5.0 build 279 - Change Log

    5.0 build 279 - Change Log

    This update contains some new features and bugfixes.
    Special thanks to Malachiel and Combustible for their contributions.

    In other news, I got into Github Sponsors program and Github will match all funds given through the platform. (= x2)

    If you would like to support the project and get some perks while doing so check out - Thanks :)

    • ...