Plaster (CrackShot fix for WetSponge) 1.0

An essential for adding crackshot support to any of the WetSponge plugins (such as SUBGR)

  1. IrrealPower
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Gaelitoelquesito, xIrrealPower_
    Simple and effective: a must need for SUBGR (Battle Steves)


    • Download plugin
    • Put plugin in the root/plugins folder (It's a spigot plugin, not wetsponge!)
    • Restart server
    • CrackShot
    • WetSponge
    • Spigot (Paper not supported)
    Created by (creator of WetSponge) and xIrrealPower_

    YOU ARE FREE TO USE THE CODE HOWEVER YOU LIKE, BUT YOU MUST LINK THIS PAGE! Also support Degoos team for making WetSponge and other awesome plugins!