Plaster (CrackShot fix for WetSponge) 1.0

An essential for adding crackshot support to any of the WetSponge plugins (such as SUBGR)

  1. IrrealPower
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Gaelitoelquesito, xIrrealPower_
    Have you ever felt like you needed a powerful gun system to go with the SUBGR plugin? If you have, you might have tried to use CrackShot.
    This plugins aims to give CrackShot a wider compatibility for a better gameplay.​

    • Ability to use CrackShot with any WetSponge plugin!
    • Drop and play, no setup needed, no configs: stop messing with configs and get playing instantly!
    Setup is pretty straight-forward:
    1. Download plugin.
    2. Put the Plaster.jar in the root/plugins folder (NOT THE WETSPONGEPLUGINS ONE!)
    3. Start server and get playing!
    This plugin was created by (creator of WetSponge) and xIrrealPower_

    The plugin is open-source, you can use the code however you want but you have to link to either this page or the GitHub page
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