PlatePorter 1.0

A simple way to create command free warps!

    PlatePorter is a simple plugin that allows you to create warps between locations without the need to use any commands! I see this as being a good addition to games and worlds as it will allow for simple teleportation between locations without unnecessary messages or commands. There are three commands that are used with this plugin that are used to modify the portals. These are as follows:
    /plateporter create <plate>
    /plateporter remove <plate>
    /plateporter link <plate>
    In order to create a usable warp, use the create command and enter a unique name for the name of the plate. Make sure that you are looking at a pressure plate, or else it will not work correctly. Once that is complete, move to the location where you want the plate to teleport players and execute the link command there. At this point, you now have a usable warp! If you want to remove a warp, then either break the block used for teleportation or use the remove command. Testing has proven this plugin to be resilient and bug free, however, if you come across any issues, please let me know! Thanks and enjoy!

    Installation of the plugin is simple drag and drop into your plugins folder. All files are generated automatically.
    Edit- There is a permission involved with this plugin that I forgot to mention: "plateporter.admin". Please use this if you are having issues.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Juliog_YT
    Version: 1.0
    El plugin me gusta y funciona perfectamente pero el único inconveniente es que no aya un permiso para cada placa ya que la única forma de usarlos es con - plateporter* y me gustaría que hubiera un permiso para cada placa