Platinum Chat 1.7.5

Have total control of your servers chat. [Enable], [Disable], [Clear], [Broadcast], and much more!

  1. Avenged_

    Description: Platinum chat is a plugin of which mainly focuses on protecting your server from chat abuse. Platinum Chat gives you total control over your servers chat. The plugin comes with the follow features below, and will help keep your servers chat cleaner and spam free. The plugin is still being updated with new features all the time, so make sure to check for new updates!


    • FULLY customizable messages!
    • In game prefix changes!
    • Change players prefixes!
    • Chat colour support!
    • Server broadcaster
    • Permissions
    • Clear Chat
    • Enable / Disable Chat
    • Custom Join & Quit Messages!
    • Block Spammers!
    • Block spam bots!
    • Mute Players!
    • GUI Menu!
    • Staff Chat!
    • Block Swearing! (Optional)
    • Clear players chat on join! (Optional)
    • /pc - Main Command
    • /pc clear - Clears Chat For ALL Players.
    • /pc disable - Disables Chat For Everyone Except OPS & People With pc.bypass Permission Node.
    • /pc enable - Enable Chat For Everyone.
    • /pc prefix - Change the broadcasters prefix (In game / In Config)
    • /pc say (message) - Broadcast a message to your server!
    • /pc staff (message) - Speak in a private staff channel!
    • /pc clear <player> - Clears Chat For A Player
    • /pc mute <player> - Toggle Mute A Player!
    • /pc playerprefix <player> <prefix> * NOTE * Set player prefix as 'none' to remove a prefix!
    • /pc reload - Reload Configuration File.

    • pc.use - Permission for /pc
    • pc.bypass - Bypass chat disable, and swearing
    • pc.reload - Permission to reload config.yml
    • pc.enable - Permission to enable chat
    • pc.disable - Permission to disable chat
    • pc.prefix - Permission to change the prefix
    • pc.say - Permission to broadcast a message
    • pc.staffchat - Permission to use staff chat feature
    • pc.mute - Permission to mute & unmute players
    • pc.chatcolor - Permission to speak using color codes
    • pc.playerprefix - Permission to change players prefixes.

    Signs are a brand new feature I'm introducing in version 1.7.0. Signs allow you to use certain commands by simply right clicking a sign! This is a very useful tool for moderators, and staff on the server. Once created your staff will require no knowledge of the command names!

    Sign Creation
    Sign creation is quite simple, all you need to do is have your first line of your sign containing text like this:
    Code (Text):
    Once you have your Platinum Chat prefix, you can add the command on the second line that you would like the sign to execute (NOTE: Signs will only execute Platinum Chat commands such as Clear, Disable, And Enable) like so:

    Code (Text):

    Now you should have a sign that looks something like this:
    Code (Text):
    Now that you're done, just place the sign and Platinum Chat will automatically turn your sign into a command sign! If your syntax is wrong in any way Platinum Chat will recognize that, and print clearly on the sign "UNKNOWN ARGUMENTS SYNTAX ERROR".

    Big thanks to Kyleb20 for creating this plugin review!
    *Note: There has been new features atop of the features displayed in this video*

    Big thanks to ManuGun for making this plugin tutorial!
    *Note: There has been new features atop of the features displayed in this video*

    Big thanks to Maximiliano for making this plugin review!
    *Note: There has been new features atop of the features displayed in this video*

    Comment any other features I should add!


    By downloading this plugin you agree to the following terms and conditions
    • Source code is private, and not to be used in any other sort of code.
    • Do not decompile the plugin.
    • Do not alter the code in any way.
    • Recreation of this plugin using the source code is prohibited
    • Selling this plugin as your own is prohibited.
    Thanks for helping me hit 3,000+ downloads!
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Recent Updates

  1. Added clearchat bypass.
  2. Fixed Anti-Swear
  3. Minor bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. dinoboss2001
    Version: 1.7.5
    buen plugin me parece que esta fuera de serie y que por favor nos pongas las versiones para saber cual usar y cual no xdd un saludo continue tiene futuro en spigot
  2. Pr0Pancakeslol
    Version: 1.7.5
    Very good plugin, I would like to give certain users such as donators the ability to bypass the chat per second limit but I don't see a permission for this. Is there another way I can do this?

    1. Avenged_
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'll have to add this feature in an upcoming update. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. winnipeg21
    Version: 1.7.4
    Hello, if you are wanting to get this plugin but dont know if its good well get it. this plugin has a lot of features to offer with in. Join my server
  4. JKGamerxD
    Version: 1.7.3
    1. Avenged_
      Author's Response
      Looks like a cool feature! I'll try to add that in the next large update. Thanks for the good review!
  5. ValennC123
    Version: 1.6.9
    Nice plugin!. But lacks anti advertise, Please add =) .
    1. Avenged_
      Author's Response
      Thanks! That's for sure going to be implemented in the future!

      Please remember to leave your suggestions in the comments, not in the reviews.
  6. Pixlation
    Version: 1.6.9
    Nice plugin, I know how hard it is to make this more spectacular than most chatmanagent plugins, great job on the development hope you have many more ideas.

    Thx Pixl
    1. Avenged_
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I hope to bring lots more ideas into this plugin.

      Thanks for the support!
  7. eepgames
    Version: 1.6.8
    Urm, for some reason, now when i do /pc staff (message) nothing appears, but before i restarted my server, it did, now nothing?
    1. Avenged_
      Author's Response
      It seems to work for me after restarting & reloading.

      Things you should try:

      1. Make sure the recipient has the correct permission node.
      2. Check for any errors found in the Console.
      3. Ensure that you have configured the plugin correctly in the config.yml, found inside the PlatinumChat directory.
      4. Check for any plugin that may interfere with Platinum Chat.

      If none of these things work, try reinstalling the plugin to your server. I have tested this out on my server and it doesn't seem to be happening.
  8. Diego573
    Version: 1.6.8
    The best clearchat on spigot and bukkit ;) t
    1. Avenged_
      Author's Response
      Nice to hear!
  9. Rodris.
    Version: 1.6.8
    Very nice !
    1. Avenged_
  10. Snowmite
    Version: 1.6.7
    I r8 8/8 m8. No sriously m8. I think you did a great job m8. g8 plugin m8. I love you m8. Thanks for this. M8!
    1. Avenged_
      Author's Response
      Thanks m8. Anytime.