Player Actions 1.2

Let your players give out free hugs!

  1. AlLeg0
    This plugin lets your players use actions, for instance when they join the server they can "/hug <player>" and hug their friend!

    • /actions - Show's a list of player actions you can use.
    • /kiss <player> - Kisses a specified player.
    • /hug <player> - Hugs a specified player.
    • /bite <player> - Bites a specified player.
    • /punch <player> - Punches a specified player.
    • /slap <player> - Slaps a specified player.
    • /smh <player> - Shake your head at a specified player.
    • /whistle <player> - Whistle at a specified player.
    • /wave <player> [<hello/bye>] - Wave hello or bye to a specified player.
    • /smile <player> - Smile to a specified player.
    • /sips - Sip a glass of water (Everyone can see this action!). Credit to Lanto for the idea!
    • /facepalm - Facepalms (Everyone can see this action!).

    • /actions - actions.main
    • /kiss - actions.kiss
    • /hug - actions.hug
    • /bite - actions.bite
    • /punch - actions.punch
    • /slap - actions.slap
    • /smh - actions.smh
    • /whistle - actions.whistle
    • /wave - actions.wave
    • /smile -
    • /sips - actions.sips
    • /facepalm - actions.facepalm
    In game looks.
    In game help menu (/actions)[​IMG]
    What it looks like from the sender's perspective.
    Future updates
    • Add more actions.
    • Got an idea? Comment it!

    Contact me

    • Wakington - Skype
    Credit to Sleepington for some of the action ideas!

Recent Updates

  1. More actions!
  2. Three new Actions!

Recent Reviews

  1. CrucialAddon
    Version: 1.1
    Seems kind of pointless. But if you like have pointless cosmetics, I guess it's okay! Also I'd recommend instead of having the condition if player has permission, you should just put "permission: [permission]" above "trigger:" on the same tab. Example:
    1. AlLeg0
      Author's Response
      I know but it's just fun to use commands like that in game in my opinion even though it is really pointless.