Player Count Commands 1.0

Runs commands based on player count thresholds.

  1. MissPotato
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.18
    Potato's Player Count Commands

    Simple, sleek, flexible, delicious!

    What can it do for you?
    Run a list of commands based on player count!
    Each command can be configured to run at individual counts.
    Set the commands to run if exact, or if it passes a threshold!
    All commands ran as console, thus bypassing permissions.

    What can't it do, realistically?
    PAPI support. This is a PAPI limitation. (However, you could run papi commands)
    Run a command as a player. (Tho /execute can achieve this.)

    Other information:
    I made this to run chunky only when the server is empty, but could see it being useful for other things.

    Example of the server broadcasting that the server is empty after user leaves.

    I would like to thank _Donuts_ for making Visual Bukkit which allowed me to make this plugin. Seriously, a wonderful tool.