Player Cultivation 1.3

Players can now cultivate,join sects,gain honor,...

  1. enesmelda
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    !This plugin is in its early stage, other features will be added!

    What is Player Cultivation?
    Player cultivation allows players to cultivate and use that cultivation for other stuff(Mostly for RP but more functions will be added later on).

    How do I cultivate?
    You can cultivate by using the following command: /cultivate .
    When cultivating, you are not allowed to move. Moving, even looking around, will instantly cancel the cultivation. If you get damaged during cultivation, you will lose half of your total cultivation and will gain negative effects for a while.
    You can also (as an admin) create cultivation items and give them to players. So you can create any custom item, name it whatever you want, add lore,... . Afterwards, use the /itemcultivation [cultivation to add] command while holding that item, to make it so when players right click the item, they consume the item and gain the cultivation on the item.

    Sects basically are guilds. Players can create/join/leave a sect. Sects have Honor and Levels. The Benefits of those stats will be added later on. Your Sect gains levels when a sect member kills someone from another Sect. Your Sect gains Honor by winning wars against other Sects.

    There are conditions to wage wars. You must be the Sect Ancestor to wage war against another Sect. You atleast need to be in the Void Interpretation Stage and it will cost you a set amount of cultivation. Wars go on for some time. If you kill someone from the Sect you are waging war against, you will gain a warpoint. You win the war by collecting a set amount of war points.

    If a player advances into another stage(be it while cultivating or consuming a cultivational item), he achieves a breakthrough. Each Breakthrough has an individual command in the config. Currently all breakthough give 10 Diamonds so you can see how to write the commands.

    Fixed Cultivation Stages:
    Body Tempering
    Core Formation
    Origin Core
    Nascent Soul
    Void Prying
    Void Initiation
    Void Interpretation
    Void Transformation
    Martial Monarch
    Martial Emperor

    The Cultivation Stage will be shown in the chat with the according stage and color. You better customize the cultivationpoints in the config because I can't balance xd.
    Min Stands for the minimum cultivation needed to be in that stage and max for the maximum cultivation you can have to be in that stage. E.g: OriginCoreMin: 4321 and OriginCoreMax: 8640 means that the player is in the Origin Core Stage as long as his cultivation is between 4321 and 8640. If not, he is in another stage.

    You can customize lot of the stuff in the cultivationconfig file.

    /setcultivation [Playername] [Cultivation Level]
    /itemcultivation [Cultivation to add]
    /sectcreate [Sect Name]
    /sectjoin [Sect Name]
    /declarewaron [Sect Name]
    /increasecultivation [Playername] [Amount]



    If you have any suggestions/problems/ideas, just message me.

Recent Reviews

  1. lordfulger
    Version: 1.3
    Even though it is towards the beginning of its creation it looks very promising. Once a few more features come out I will definitely create a server using this as it's core provided it is maintained! So far it works very well and the ranks are all customizable. I'm looking forward to a translation config as well.
    1. enesmelda
      Author's Response
      Thank you. My plugins are on hold until my exams are finished(18th february) and tbh I didn't plan to actually continue this plugin. Msg me on Discord if you have some ideas or features you would like to see: Esen#7304 .
  2. Korbsti
    Version: 1.3
    Interesting plugin, recommended if anyone wants to try something new in servers.