Player Essentials 1.0

Basic information about a player

  1. Justin393

    PlayerEssentials lets you know everything there is to know about a player.

    I decided to make this plugin to allow admins or anyone with permission to view information about a player.


    Right now it only has 4 commands. Such as getting a players IP, their UUID, the day they first joined the server. And a command that lists a bunch of other information about a player such as op status, gamemode, uuid, ip, level, and more.

    /playeressentials <sub> <target>
    aliases: /pe

    Subs: getUUID

    Target is the name of the player you want to learn about. For example, doing /pe getuuid Justin_393 would return my UUID

    Permissions: (Right now there is only 1 permission as the only commands are admin based)
    defaults to op

    How to install: Just download PlayerEssentials.jar and drop it in your plugins folder and restart/stop your server.
    Assign permissions to players you want to use the plugin and you're good to go!

    Compatible with 1.7.9

    If you have any suggestions please leave a comment. If there is a bug or anything that needs fixed please comment.