Player Fall Event API 1.0.5

A Plugin meant for developers. It fires PlayerStartFallEvent and PlayerFinishFallEvent events.

  1. OnyxianSoul
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    This API tracks player movement, and triggers a PlayerStartFallEvent, and PlayerFinishFallEvent, if a player falls. Developers can listen to this events, and easily react to player falls.

    This plugin has been tested and works without issues on Spigot & Paper, and it is likely to work on any server jar that is a fork of CraftBukkit.

    The versions that have been tested are: 1.8.8 & 1.16.4, however, it is likely that it works on any server version.

    To my knowledge, this plugin doesn't conflict with any other plugins, and it's highly unlikely that it ever will.


    Using this API is really easy:
    Install it as any plugin, by dropping the jar on the plugin folder. Only install it if a plugin you've installed asked you to, it does nothing on its own.
    1. Download the library jar and source
    2. Add them to your project as a library (Make sure that your plugin jar doesn't include the library)
    3. Create an event listener
      Code (Java):
      public class ExampleListener implements Listener {
          public void onPlayerStartFallEvent (PlayerStartFallEvent event){
              //Do stuff here :)
    4. Register the listener
      Code (Text):
      public class ExamplePlugin extends JavaPlugin {
          public void onEnable(){
             getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvents(new ExampleListener(), this);
    5. Add PlayerFallEventAPI as a dependancy or soft dependancy, on your plugin.yml
    6. Install PlayerFallEventAPI and your plugin on the server.

    There are no more features planned, since the objective of this API has been accomplished. The current plans are:
    • Fixing any bugs that might arise
    • Maybe, publishing the API to maven central, to allow easier usage by developers.


    Need help, found a bug or have suggestions?
    Reach out on the plugin discussion, or make an issue on github, I'd be happy to help!

    Click on the logos to go the plugin discussion or github :)

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    It lets me know what I did well, and what I need to do better.

    But Please, Report bugs & Ask for features in the discussion, NOT on plugin reviews
    There, it is possible to :
    Insert images and formatting in the answer, making it easier to understand
    Ask for additional information that might be necessary to help you out
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    By downloading the plugin, you agree to this terms of usage:
    • This plugin is licensed under the MIT license.
    • I reserve all rights to the Headers, Logo, and Plugin Icon . You are forbidden from using them without my permission.
    • You may not repost this plugin's jar.
    • You may not claim this plugin as your own.
    • This Plugin uses bStats in order to provide anonymous usage information, helping me stay motivated, and make more informed decisions (for example whether or not to mantain support for a server version). You can disable it via the plugin config, if you desire.