Player hider like a big german network English/German Version 1.1

Player Hider

  1. xIRamsey
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    s110103 (xIRamsey)
    Player Hider

    This is the perfect hider for your server! You can configure many things and i will add more soon!

    - ... All players with this permission will be shown if you click the "Show youtuber and team-member" buttun.

    You got three buttuns to chose:
    - "Show all players"
    - "Show youtuber and team-member"
    - "Hide all players"

    I will add more configurations for you in the next updates!

    Comming soon:
    - Custum language
    - more configurations
    - bug fixes

    Please contact me if you think something doesn't work as it should!​

Recent Updates

  1. + Sounds