Player Options [1.5]

Add a menu to let players enable/disable awesome options.

  1. JosephGP
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
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    • This plugin is on beta version it might contains bugs
    • Don't post any errors/bugs on review section
    • Post any errors/suggestions on discussion page
    • Post positive reviews
    • This plugin has been made by me

    • Easy to use/setup
    • UUID support
    • Data folder
    • Custom item gui
    • Custom gui size
    • Custom item in gui location
    • Custom messages
    • Permissions

    • /options


    • Speed enable/disable
    • Jump enable/disable
    • Hide players enable/disable
    • Chat enable/disable

    • options.use

    Code (Text):
    inventory-size: 18
    inventory-title: Options
    hide-players-false-item-id: 381
    hide-players-false-item-subid: 0
    hide-players-false-item-name: '&cHide Players (OFF)'
    hide-players-false-item-lore: '&7Hiding players is currently OFF'
    hide-players-false-item-location: 1
    click-to-hide-players-item-id: 351
    click-to-hide-players-item-subid: 8
    click-to-hide-players-item-name: '&aClick to hide players'
    click-to-hide-players-item-lore: '&7When you click this all players will be invisible!'
    click-to-hide-players-item-location: 10
    hide-players-true-item-id: 381
    hide-players-true-item-subid: 0
    hide-players-true-item-name: '&aHide Players (ON)'
    hide-players-true-item-lore: '&7Hiding players is currently ON'
    hide-players-true-item-location: 1
    click-to-show-players-item-id: 351
    click-to-show-players-item-subid: 10
    click-to-show-players-item-name: '&aClick to show players'
    click-to-show-players-item-lore: '&7When you click this all players will be visible!'
    click-to-show-players-item-location: 10
    active-speed-boost-item-id: 353
    active-speed-boost-item-subid: 0
    active-speed-boost-item-name: '&cSpeed Boost (OFF)'
    active-speed-boost-item-lore: '&7Speed boost is currently OFF'
    active-speed-boost-item-location: 3
    click-to-active-speed-boost-item-id: 351
    click-to-active-speed-boost-item-subid: 8
    click-to-active-speed-boost-item-name: '&aClick to active speed boost'
    click-to-active-speed-boost-item-lore: '&7When you click you will have speed boost!'
    click-to-active-speed-boost-item-location: 12
    deactive-speed-boost-item-id: 353
    deactive-speed-boost-item-subid: 0
    deactive-speed-boost-item-name: '&aSpeed Boost (ON)'
    deactive-speed-boost-item-lore: '&7Speed boost is currently ON'
    deactive-speed-boost-item-location: 3
    click-to-deactive-speed-boost-item-id: 351
    click-to-deactive-speed-boost-item-subid: 10
    click-to-deactive-speed-boost-item-name: '&aClick to deactive speed boost'
    click-to-deactive-speed-boost-item-lore: '&7When you will lose your speed boost!'
    click-to-deactive-speed-boost-item-location: 12
    active-jump-boost-item-id: 288
    active-jump-boost-item-subid: 0
    active-jump-boost-item-name: '&cJump Boost (OFF)'
    active-jump-boost-item-lore: '&7Jump boost is currently OFF'
    active-jump-boost-item-location: 5
    click-to-active-jump-boost-item-id: 351
    click-to-active-jump-boost-item-subid: 8
    click-to-active-jump-boost-item-name: '&aClick to active boost'
    click-to-active-jump-boost-item-lore: '&7When you click you will have jump boost!'
    click-to-active-jump-boost-item-location: 14
    deactive-jump-boost-item-id: 288
    deactive-jump-boost-item-subid: 0
    deactive-jump-boost-item-name: '&aJump Boost (ON)'
    deactive-jump-boost-item-lore: '&7Jump boost is currently ON'
    deactive-jump-boost-item-location: 5
    click-to-deactive-jump-boost-item-id: 351
    click-to-deactive-jump-boost-item-subid: 10
    click-to-deactive-jump-boost-item-name: '&aClick to deactive jump boost'
    click-to-deactive-jump-boost-item-lore: '&7When you will lose your jump boost!'
    click-to-deactive-jump-boost-item-location: 14
    active-chat-item-id: 339
    active-chat-item-subid: 0
    active-chat-item-name: '&cChat (OFF)'
    active-chat-item-lore: '&7Chatting is currently OFF'
    active-chat-item-location: 7
    click-to-active-chat-item-id: 351
    click-to-active-chat-item-subid: 8
    click-to-active-chat-item-name: '&aClick to active chat'
    click-to-active-chat-item-lore: '&7When you click you will be enable to chat!'
    click-to-active-chat-item-location: 16
    deactive-chat-item-id: 339
    deactive-chat-item-subid: 0
    deactive-chat-item-name: '&aChat (ON)'
    deactive-chat-item-lore: '&7Chatting is currently ON'
    deactive-chat-item-location: 7
    click-to-deactive-chat-item-id: 351
    click-to-deactive-chat-item-subid: 10
    click-to-deactive-chat-item-name: '&aClick to deactive chat!'
    click-to-deactive-chat-item-lore: '&7When click you will be unable to chat!'
    click-to-deactive-chat-item-location: 16
    speed-level: 2
    jump-level: 2
    chat-disabled-message: '&cYou cant chat (You have disabled the chat)!'

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    • You are allowed to view the plugin's code.

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  1. leoyt185owner
    Version: [1.5]
    Good plugin, but one suggestion
    Add balcklisted worlds :)
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    Version: [1.5]

    please add more options :D i love this plugin :D
  3. Gunler
    Version: [1.5]
    Perfect Plugin for Lobby / Hub server :D
  4. Andres25558
    Version: [1.5]
    Excellent plugin , you're the best developer!
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    Version: [1.4]
    Wow amazing :o
    1. JosephGP
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review <3 :)
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    nice admins be like ez ahahahaahahahha . .
    1. JosephGP
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review <3
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    Version: [1.3]
    Please, add options to let premium players enable a button and don't have to login or register!
    1. JosephGP
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, this plugin is for options not to bypass login and register :)
  8. PekkaX
    Version: [1.1]
    Amazing plugin!

    All it needs is Multiple Lores support.

    Example -
    - '&5Lore1'
    - '&6Lore2'
    1. JosephGP
      Author's Response
      Sure thanks for the review ill be adding this soon :3
  9. Airsoft14
    Version: [1.0]
    Looks fine joseph, please add more features, like MYSQL! -------------------------------------------
    1. JosephGP
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, its on beta once i fully release it ill add more options/features
  10. Snyggaleo10
    Version: [1.0]
    Thanks.................................................................................................... :D
    1. JosephGP
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      No problem :3