Player Polls - Ask questions to your community! 2015-04-29

Player Polls allow you to ask live poll-based questions to your players.

  1. Adamisawesome
    Adamisawesome, VikingIwan
    This Skript is a simple way to collect data on your server and see results quickly. The skript is extremely useful to see how upcoming changes may be interrupted and or taken by the players of the server. The fault of the this skript is that only collects the data of players online at the time of the poll.

    With the data collected you can even do fun events, for instance if 90% of the server had answered a question correctly you could start an event or drop party for the community. I'm willing to add anything that you would think would better this skript, so just tell me!

    If you enjoy this skript, please leave a rating and a comment with what you like best. Further contact information is available in the Readme.txt file in the download!


    How to install Player Polls:
    1. Install Skript to your plugins folder.
    2. Stop Server
    3. Start Server
    4. Place Player into your plugins/skript/scripts/ directory.
    5. Type "/skript reload Player Polls" in game
    6. Type "/poll <Question>" to ask your community live poll-based questions.
    7. Collect Player Data.
    8. Enjoy your results!

Recent Reviews

  1. E_M_W
    Version: 2015-04-29
    Works awesome. Does exactly what it says it does perfectly. Thank's dude! Only thing I added was broadcasting " " before and after the poll to make it stick out more. Other than that, awesome.
  2. codyrusso
    Version: 2015-04-29
    Loved it! I'm gonna ask my whole server who wan to die d:3
  3. nfell2009
    Version: 2015-04-29
    Awesome work dude! Loved it <3
    1. Adamisawesome
      Author's Response
      Hey thanks nfeellll <3333