Player Rating System 1.0.0

Gives Server Owners & Server Developers access to a ELO system. API included.

  1. Johnzeh
    For Server Admins:
    If you wish to use this plugin by itself, I've added some small features such as custom deathmessages that display rating change, or join messages that show the player what their current rating is. Remember to keep API mode DISABLED unless you are using a plugin that requires it to be ENABLED.

    For Server Developers:

    API Download:
    If you use the API, the only thing the plugin will do when ran is run the Auto-Save feature. Otherwise it is completely up to you on how you use the methods. Here are all the possible methods you can use:

    - getRating(Player) returns given players rating in the form of a INT
    - setRating(Player, Integer) - sets given players rating to given integer
    - calculate(Player, Player) - calculates rating difference between two given players

    - Custom deathmessages that display rating changes (CONFIGURABLE)
    - Custom join message that displays current rating (CONFIGURABLE)
    - Enable/Disable Rating Changes upon death (CONFIGURABLE)
    - Automatic Saving system (CONFIGURABLE)
    - Built-in API that allows developers access to 'getRating, setRating and calculate
    - API mode for developers that allows the plugin to run in API only mode (All server-side features are disabled)

    - Stop Server
    - Place plugin in /plugins/ folder. (If you are using the API, place this in /plugins/ as well)
    - Start Server
    - Configure config.yml file as needed
    - Stop server
    - Start server

    Note: The plugin may throw an error if nobody has ever logged in before. This error does not cause any problems and the plugin will still work fine.

    - Make a separate API for easier access with developers.
    - Add MySQL Support