Player Referral 2.1

Now, players will take the rights of those who bring!

  1. NPOO

    Hello friends, first of all this plugin is free of charge. The player brings to your server, your players are ideal for reward. Thanks to this plugin, you can download to improve the quality of the server and add pleasure!
    This plugin brings the player to your server, your players reward to have been made. Brought the players, the players may suggest bringing, and the person who brought the player may receive a prize!
    English (This already.)
    /Advises <Player> - Command to notify the proposing player.[​IMG]
    Oneren.komut - Allow you to notify the proposing player.​

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  1. Darkless05
    Version: 2.1
    woaw this plugin have turkish language Thank you guy :) :)
    1. NPOO
      Author's Response
      Teşekkürler Bro :D