Player Report [1.14-1.15] 3.4

GUI Report Plugin

  1. Chub74
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15

    This Plugin requires ProtocolLib

    /report - Report a Player.
    /rpcmd - Disable or Enable New Report-Messages.
    /rpcmd reload - Reload the Plugin Configuration.

    rpcmd.see(Permission for Admins) - Lets you see the paper in the bottom left corner you can also see new Reports and for the command /rpcmd.
    rpcmd.reload - For /rpcmd reload

    You can customize nearly everything!
    Report a player either for Insulting, Hacking or enter your own Reasons.
    Only one Report per person.
    As soon as one page is full a book will appear in the bottom right corner for the next page.
    You're able to teleport to the reporter after he sent a new report.
    "Reports" GUI (Buttom left paper) only appears if the Player has the permission rpcmd.see.
    "Reports" GUI (Bottom left paper) shows how many reports are open if there are no open reports then you also can't access the "Reports" GUI.
    Supports up to 396 Online Players rn.

    After typing in /report this Window appears that shows you every Player Online(Except yourself). The Compass is the search function. After you typed in a valid players name it also shows you if the player is currently Online or Offline and you can report him.

    By clicking in the bottom left corner you can view the current sent reports.(Only if there are any. If not you can't access the "Reports" GUI.

    When hovering over the Players skull you can see the one he reported and the reason. By clicking on the skull you can either delete the report or by hovering over the Sign you can read the report again.

    By just staying in the first GUI you can click on a players Skull to report him. Or you just click on the compass and search for the player. If the player exists you can report him even if he is Offline.

    Or you can just enter your own Reason.

    After someone got reported and someone who is Online has the Permission rpcmd.see he can view the Report directly in the chat.

    You can configure almost every message but i'm still working on improving that.
    Idk if the plugin works completely fine because i'm still working on it and I wasn't able to test everything to the fullest.


    Code (Text):

    # RPCMD by Chub74 #

    Textcolor: '&c'
    Prefix: '&6RPCMD &8|'

    ## Header ##
    ReportGuiHeader: '&cReport'
    ShowReport: '&cReports'
    SeeReportHeader: '&8- &cNew Report &8-'

    ## Messages ##
    NoPermission: '&cNo Permission.'
    DeleteReport: '&cReport deleted.'

    ## Reasons ##
    Search: '&cSearch'
    Insult: '&cInsulting'
    Hacking: '&cHacking'
    Other: '&cOther'

    ## Extra ##
    ReportOnMSG: 'Turned reports on.'
    ReportOffMSG: 'Turned reports off.'
    NotRegistered: '&a{NAME} &cis not registered on this server.'
    ReportBy: '&7By: &a{REPORTER}'
    Reported: '&7Reported: &a{REPORTED}'
    ReportReason: '&7Reason: &c{REASON}'
    NSite: '&cNext Site'
    Back: '&cBack'
    Delete: '&cDelete'
    DeleteReport: '&cDeleted the report'

    ## To add more Lores simply add an \n to the Lore ##
    ## Example: SearchLore: '&7Search for a specific \n&7player.' ##
    ## Lores ##
    ShowReportLore: '&7There are currently &c{REPORTS} &7new reports.'
    NoReportsLore: '&7There are currently no new reports.'
    PlayerLore: '&7Click here to report &a{NAME}'
    SearchLore: '&7Search for a specific player.'
    NSiteLore: '&7Go to the next page.'
    BackLore: '&7Go Back'
    DeleteReportLore: '&7Delete the report'
    ReasonLore: '&7Reported &a{NAME} &7for {REASON}'
    ReportReasonLore: '&7Report &a{NAME} &7for {REASON}'
    AcceptButtonLore: '&aAccept'

    ## SeeReport ##
    AcceptButton: '&aClick here to accept the report'
    ## You can either use {REPORTER} or {REPORTED} ##
    AcceptCommand: '/tp {REPORTER}'

    ## Input ##
    2: '&7^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^'
    3: '&aPlease enter'
    4: '&ayour text'
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    1. Chub74
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :) I'm glad that I was able to help to some extend.
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    Quick updates, the only bad thing is that there are no overloaded commands!!!!!!!!
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    Gute's Plugin :) Hatte mich anfangs mit der Version vertan aber durch den Schnellen Support ist alles gut :)
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