Player Reports 1.0

Allow players to report others easily and quickly!

  1. _No1InParticular
    This plugin allows players to report others which can be checked in game or via the file, potentially helping to catch cheaters on the server

    - Allow players to report other players quickly
    - All reports are saved to a file and can also be viewed in game
    - Configurable cool-down

    - /report <name> <reason> || Reports <name> for <reason>
    - /check <name> || Views current reports that <name> has

    -|| Allows use of /report
    - report.check || Allows use of /check

    Extra Info:
    Plugin was originally created for the LegitRaid server (IP: but decided to release it publicly
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kyuzon
    Version: 1.0
    I honestly like this plugin, it's simple. Well explained, and lightweight... Thanks for making this plugin lmao.
    1. _No1InParticular
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot, appreciate the rating :)