Player Statistics 1.1

Get a count forall blocks mined by players in your server. Announces rare minerals.

  1. im4ever12c
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Player Statistics
    Player Statistics is a very light-weight plugin that keeps player statistics in a YML format. Simply load the plugin on your server and it will begin to track. Statistics for all players will begin to collect information once deployed. You can customize which players are tracked by using in-game commands to set their settings.
    Player data is saved every 10 seconds, on player join, on player leave, and on plugin disable, so no need to worry about loosing any player data.
    Rare materials are announced as an accomplishment once found as well!

    description: Enable/Disable players mine tracking state.
    usage: /<command> <player> <boolean>
    permission: playerStatistics.trackingmining
    description: Check your own mine tracking state.
    usage: /<command>
    permission: playerStatistics.checktrackmining
    description: Check others mine tracking state.
    usage: /<command> <player>
    permission: playerStatistics.checkotherstrackmining

    What does PlayerStatistics currently track?
    As of right now, only blocks broken are being tracked. This tracks all blocks, and crops. There is a small blacklisted spot for blocks to be skipped for tracking. These blacklisted blocks are as followed:

    Default Blacklisted for tracking:
    1. AIR
    2. STEP
    3. SLAB
    4. WALL
    5. FENCE
    6. GATE
    7. STAIR
    8. LEAVES
    9. SPONGE
    10. SOIL

    Is there a way to add blacklisted/whitelisted blocks to track?
    As of now, NO. I created this plugin for personal use but will continue to customize it as time goes to fit the need of many other servers, including a configuration file.

    How are statistics tracked?
    This is an example format of how blocks mined are tracked (Note, blocks are added to the file as mined. I.e, If a new user logs in, either stats section is empty. If they mine a piece of dirt or grass, it will be added to the file as it's mined.)

    Track Mined Blocks: true
    Announce All Findings: false
    Announce Rare Findings: true
    DIRT: 5
    GRASS: 6
    STONE: 4
    SNOW: 2

    Version 1.1
    • Created commands to toggle a users tracking settings. You can now disable/enable tracking for specific players. You can now also check a players state by simply using commands to do so.
    • Removed an "Added" message players received when mining new blocks. This was left in on accident while testing.
    • Added global settings to the config file to set default settings for any new users that can be configured in the YML file.
    • Fixed an issue that was not registering certain/new users in the YML file after logging in
    • Fixed an issue that would not register players in the YML file that was currently signed in when the plugin was first introduced to the server.