Player Storage API (Stand-Alone) (Discontinued) 1.0

Quickly add Redis and Mongo support to your plugins!

  1. hidden1nin
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.16
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    What is Player Storage API?

    Player Storage API allows plugin developers to quickly add Redis/MongoDB support or allows them to use both at the same time!​

    Why Would I want to use Redis and MongoDB together?
    With Redis, lookup times are much faster but storage is much more expensive, with MongoDB you have more storage but slower lookup times, when you use them together, you can store frequently used data in Redis, and have it removed over time, while keeping a copy of it safe in MongoDB.

    What if I don't need to use both?
    Simply change
    Code (Text):
    Storage_Configuration: both
    to either
    Code (Text):
    Storage_Configuration: redis
    Code (Text):
    Storage_Configuration: mongo
    to use them independently!​

    I need to be able to view Player data!

    Don't worry we have thought of this and added a simple command to view all data stored for a player!

    What kind of data can I store?

    Currently we only support strings, integers, and booleans. We hope to add more data types in the future.

    Our Config file looks as follows:

    (Connections have been slightly changed for my privacy)
    Code (Text):
    Redis_Port: 14639
    Redis_Password: password
    Redis_Data_Expire_After: 86400
    Storage_Configuration: both
    Mongo_DB_Name: PlayerData
    Mongo_DB_ConnectionString: mongodb://

    What Does our API look like?

    Why do developers have to register defaults?

    This was a design choice made to reduce the amount of space used in databases, we automatically remove excess data that matches defaults!

    Examples Coming Soon!!