Player Suggestions 4.0

Allow players to make suggestions with a simple command!

  1. Configurable sound

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  2. 1.12 Support

    The plugin has been updated to support 1.12 fully
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  3. Minor Fix (Hopefully xD)

    Minor changes to the code
  4. (v2.1) Clear suggestions

    Updated following command(s):
    - /suggestions [view/clear] || View or clear the current suggestions

    Ability to clear suggestions with the suggestions command
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  5. Customization update! (2.0)

    Added full customization of all messages!
    Each message displayed to player is now editable (In config) and each have set placeholders such as %prefix% (Check the set msgs already there) aswell as using color codes (&<value>)
  6. Added player name to suggestions

    - Added player name to suggestions so you can see who suggested what (As requested by aggelosqq)​