Player VisibilityToggle v1.0.0-RELEASE

The most configurable! The BEST Player visibility!

  1. 1Tudor1
    I made this plugin for my server, and i decided to public it. With this plugin you can hide or show your players in the hub server. You can customize the plugin in the config.yml and that's all. I think you will like this!​

    This is the toogle off

    This is toggle on

    [​IMG] GitHub Surce:

    • Play on your hub server without lag!
    • Make custom items for the 'toggler' of visibility
    • Choose the amount for the item
    • Players:
      • can't break (on the hub server)
      • can't drop items (on the hub server)
      • can't pickup items (on the hub server)
    • Colored messages (on the hub server)
    • Have fun with this
    Planned Addons
    1. Make the color code like it is
    2. No more need of a separate server for the break, drop and pickup items
    3. Set the displayName with a command: /setdisplayname[on/off] <newDesplayName>
    4. Set any message with a command: /setmessage[type] <newMessage>
    5. Add a reload command: /pvreload
    6. Make the permissions
    7. Don't hide the players with permission
    8. Use the plugin on only one server!
    9. Add all the messages in english or customisable language :D
    • /pv reload - reload the config
    • /pv hide - hides the players
    • /pv show - shows the players
    • /pv toolon - gives the item for tool on
    • /pv tooloff - gives the item for tool off
    • /pv setdisplayname [on/off] [msg] - sets displayname for the toggler
    • /pv setmessage [visibilityactivated/va/visibilitydeactivated/vd/delay/wait/noperm/nopermission/invalidcmd/invalidcommand/configreloaded/displaynameset/messageset] [msg] - sets the message for the selected path

    Q & A:

    Config File
    Code (Text):
    # Config for Player Visibility by xDesireRage
    # The materials can be found here:
    # You can get the colors from here:
    # The item material when players are hide (material amount damage)
      itemON: REDSTONE_TORCH_ON 1 0
    # The item when players are shown (material amount damage)
      itemOFF: LEVER 1 0
    # The slot in inventory to get the item
      slot: 1
    # This is the time in seconds until the player can click again
      timeDelay: 5
    # This is the name of the item when players are shown
      displayNameON: '&2Players &7» &2Enabled'
    # This is the name of the item when players are hidden
      displayNameOFF: '&2Players &7» &4Disabled'
    # This is the world where the player gets the toggler
      world: world
    # The worlds where the plugin is enabled. ex: if a player has players disabled and joins world he will not see the players.
      - world
      - hub
      consoleDeny: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &cYou cannot execute commands from console!"
      visibilityActivated: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &7You have toggled player visibility: &2on"
      visibilityDeactivated: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &7You have toggled player visibility: &4off"
      delay: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &cPlease wait &4%time% &cseconds before using the Torch!"
      noPerm: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &cYou don't have the permission to to this!"
      invalidCmd: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &cYou typed an invalid command."
      configReloaded: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &2Successfully reloaded config!"
      displayNameSet: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &2Display name %type% set to &8» %args%"
      messageSet: "&8[&6Visibility&8] &2Message %type% set to &8» %args%"
    #On join, the player gets the torch
      joinTorch: true
    • /pv reload - pv.reload (default : op)
    • /pv hide - pv.hide (default : op)
    • /pv show - (default : op)
    • /pv toolon - pv.tool (default : op)
    • /pv tooloff - pv.tool (default : op)
    • /pv setdisplayname - pv.displayname (default : op)
    • /pv setmessage - pv.setmessage (default : op)
    • break blocks - pv.denybreak (defaut : false)
    • place blocks - pv.denyplace (defaut : false)
    • drop items - pv.denydrop (defaut : false)
    • pickup items - pv.denypickup (defaut : false)
    Language is configurable from config file. All Languages support :p
    MY SERVER IP: MC.UniteElite.Com
    Join our server:

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Recent Reviews

  1. MeesPerkins112
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    The latest version is buggy and not even working!
    Please fix it as soon as possible!!
  2. CrackerCraft
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    Doesn't work with the latest builds, trashy. Next time don't take others resources.
  3. xsilversitopvp
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    The plugin it self is perfect, I don't see problems or bugs. It works perfectly. I would like the author to add sounds to the items, when the players is enabled or disable, that gives a sound to it.
    Thanks for creating this plugin.
  4. MetallicLemon
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    Please help me. Everything in this plugin is working fine except for one thing. When I right make the other players go invisible, they do, but after a second, they re-appear. I did this with op and non-op and I can't find the solution. Please help me!
  5. CasperYT
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    Yet another shit plugin. Which is probably also stolen like your other plugins. You've just skidded em. You stole the source and renamed it. gg.
  6. mrdado243
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
  7. HellaMixel
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    It's a really nice plugin but whenever I restart my server the torch disappears and then I have to switch worlds and restart for it to come back, any idea>
  8. cronic
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    Good and useful plugin! You can add bungee support?

  9. SpaicyGaming
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    Very useful plugin.
    Easy configuration.
  10. FuryZeptix
    Version: v1.0.0-RELEASE
    No work spigot 1.8.8