Player Weight

Modify player's speed according to his weight!

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    PlayerWeight adds weight on each item and displays it on your experience bar while also slowing the player movement according to weight.
    So let's say you defined your max weight to 100 and you have items weighting 50, your experience bar will be half full and your speed decreased according to defined in config.

    • Define weight for any item
    • Show weight percentage on experience bar
    • Slows movement speed according to weight percentage
    • Displays a message on speed change
    /pw reload - Reloads the plugin
    /pw debug - Enables debug (Will spam your chat, not advised to enable)
    /pw - Shows your current weight

    playerweight.bypass - Bypass the weight and speed change
    playerweight.reload - Allows the use of the reload command
    playerweight.debug - Allows the use of the debug command

    English - Credit: VariationVault

    Other Videos:
    Portuguese Video Credit: AbsintoJ

    - Define max weight possible (100%)
    Max Weight: 180

    - Enables debug
    Debug: false

    - Enables XP bar showing weight
    Enable XP Bar: true

    - Change message displayed by /pw weight
    WeightCommand: 'message'

    - Disable the messages below on weight change
    Disable Messages: true

    - You can define 4 percentage areas and the speed for each one

    Less And Equal To:
    Percentage: 24
    SpeedPercent: 105
    Message: '&6[&7PlayerWeight&6]&aYouAreLight,Nice!'
    Percentage: 25,49
    SpeedPercent: 95
    Message: '&6[&7PlayerWeight&6]&2GettingHeavier,BeCareful!'
    Percentage: 50,100
    SpeedPercent: 70
    Message: '&6[&7PlayerWeight&6]&cYouAreHeavy,TrytoLoseWeight!'
    Bigger Than:
    Percentage: 100
    SpeedPercent: 50
    Message: '&6[&7PlayerWeight&6]&4OhNo!WhatHaveYouDone!'

    - After this you have a huge list with all the in game items and a weight for each one

    You can add data values to items too. Example:
    WOOL: 0.5
    WOOL,14: 1

    This would give white wool a weight of 0.5 and red wool a weight of 1

    More Info
    Feel free to suggest new features and also report bugs
    This plugin uses Metrics, you can disable it by going to /plugins/PluginMetrics and opt-out on the config file.
    It also uses an update checker and an auto updater, both possible to disable in the config under the Update Check section.

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