PlayerCMDStats 1.0.2

A plugin that tells stats and other commands.

  1. itzjake_
    A plugin that contains stats and other commands. Please read this resource post as it will help you. Enjoy! :D
    • Contains helpful commands
    • Plays music notes in certain commands
    • Permissions
    • Virtual workbench command
    • Virtual enchantment table command
    • Total experience level command
    • Experience needed to next level command
    • Coords in one command
    • Feed food bar command
    • More coming soon, feel free to leave suggestions
    • /ci: Clears your inventory.
    • /enchant: Opens the enchantment table.
    • /exp: Tells you how much experience you need to go to the next level.
    • /heal: Heal yourself.
    • /feed: Feed your hunger bar!
    • /loc: Tells your coordinates.
    • /make: Opens the crafting table.
    • /totalexp: Tells you how much experience you have.
    • /ci:
    • /ci:
    • /enchant: PlayerCMDStats.enchant
    • /feed: PlayerCMDStats.feed
    • /heal: PlayerCMDStats.heal
    • /heal: PlayerCMDStats.heal.others
    • /make: PlayerCMDStats.make
    • /ci: /ci <player>
    • /heal: /heal <player>
    I plan to update this resource daily. If not, I'm sorry. I am very busy and I most likely will not have time to update it, but I promise that I will, one day. I will take any suggestions if necessary. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any bugs with the plugin. I promise to fix it. Remember to rate the resource, too! All ratings are very much appreciated! :)
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