PlayerColors 5.3

This is an useful feature for people that donate or rankup or just to have fun

  1. CAspermartijn
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Casper Klinkhamer
    This plugin allows you donators or your ranked players to have an extra feature
    You can pick an color for your arrow trails, ChatColor, Displayname and particle trails.

    You think: yo why sould i use this plugin instead of others?
    I say: Well...
    This plugin has an GUI for every command.
    This plugin is very easy to use.
    There will be loads of more features in the future that other plugins don't have.

    You need to install: (Remove the iTag and ProtocalLIB in your plugins folder)

    - /Particles = Get an fun particle effect everytime you move
    - /ChatColor = Change your chatcolor to an color so you stand out of the rest
    - /DisplayName = Change the color of your nametag(In chat & above your head)
    - /ArrowTrail = Get an trail for the arrows you shoot
    Code (Text):

    #-----0 = enabled , 1 = disabled
    ColorChat: 0
    DisplayName: 0
    ArrowTrail: 0
    ArrowTrailForAllPlayers: true

    enable or disable the feature for arrowtrials to be seen by only the shooter all all the players!

    - PlayerColors.ArrowTrail = /arrowtrail
    - PlayerColors.ChatColors = /chatcolor
    - PlayerColors.NameColors = /DisplayName
    - PlayerColors.Particles = /particles

    - Better Particle effects
    - Better Arrow trail effects
    - one time use
    - Saving what you have enabled or disabled
    - MySQL
    - Bungee support

    You are NOT allowed to:
    - Share the plugin or any part(class file, jar file, decompiled source code, e.t.c) of it. This means, that you are also not allowed to share it with your friends.

    You are Allowed to:
    - Make video's about it
    - Send me ideas for the next update

    - skype: casper.klinkhamer or casper klinkhamer
    - E-mail: [email protected]

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Recent Updates

  1. better performance
  2. Fixed some buggy things
  3. -Nothing

Recent Reviews

  1. JBS
    Version: 5.0
    Great update, plugin is working fine! Should be nice if its possible to set permissions to individual particles, chatcolors, arrowtrails and deiplayname.
  2. JBS
    Version: 4.3
    Awesome plugin except the thing that players all looks like steve and nametags don't color, particles an arrowtrails ar not visible by other players.
    1. CAspermartijn
      Author's Response
      Ill change some things to make it work update in 30 min to 1 day(I don't know what ill add more)
  3. baileyiscoolwow
    Version: 2.0
    Very nice works good, maybe add Java 7? Can you make it so we can turn off the stuff? Would be useful.
    1. CAspermartijn
      Author's Response
      Well what does need to be disabled or enabled? And ill add java 7

      And tnnx