Playerdata API Discontinued

Discontinued, more information in description.

  1. Playerdata API 1.1 - Changed Methods, Added a Command

    Code (Text):

    + Added a version command (/plda)
    + Added a method to check if variable isset in a player file
    ~ Playerdata is now saved in a subfolder of PlayerdataAPI named by your Plugin
    ~ You can now add another argument on the getData methods called Default, if the variable doesn't exists it creates one with the Default as value and returns it
    Important: You will have to delete or move your old PlayerDatabase to:
    (move the folder into the PlayerdataAPI and rename it to your Plugin name)
    please don't use Playerdata.create() (now Playerdata.reset()) if not necessary, this is just to reset the savefile and it will be automaticly created when variables are saved on players.
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