Playerdata API Discontinued

Discontinued, more information in description.

  1. 2.0 release - new methods


    As my plans with 1.3 did not work as expected and had many issues I couldn't fix at that Time, I decided to code something different.

    Litte Changelog:
    Code (Text):

    + Added 2 new Methods and 1 Class.
    ~ All old methods are deprecated and will be removed in the next version (2.1)

    I have created a Class (PD) for the purpose to have every String/Integer and Boolean saved, relevant to that Player.

    Two Methods (loadPlayers and savePlayers) will be used to load and save the...
  2. Playerdata API 1.2 - Updated Methods and Javadocs, fixed some bugs, rewrote api

    Code (Text):

    + Added different method versions with more arguments
    ~ only 1 method of setData, for string, boolean and integer
    ~ completely rewrote the api
    ~ fixed the default argument
    Please checkout the updated javadocs.
  3. Playerdata API 1.1 - Changed Methods, Added a Command

    Code (Text):

    + Added a version command (/plda)
    + Added a method to check if variable isset in a player file
    ~ Playerdata is now saved in a subfolder of PlayerdataAPI named by your Plugin
    ~ You can now add another argument on the getData methods called Default, if the variable doesn't exists it creates one with the Default as value and returns it
    Important: You will have to delete or move your old PlayerDatabase to: