PlayerdataPlus 1.0.5

Clean the old data and improve the server's performance.

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    • 1.15
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    ⟐ When your world file is too large, you want to delete areas that no one has visited recently.
    ⟐ Or you want to clear the old player information, but do not want to delete the VIP player.
    ➽ This plugin will be very useful for you.

    # You should backup your data before using this plugin.
    Deleting data has certain risks, and the author is not responsible for any loss of data.
    # If you have more than 2,000 players in your server, you should increase the value "timeouts" to 60,000 in spigot.yml to prevent the server restart and it will be better to enable only one of clean data.


    1. Clean expired data.
    • Logs
    • Playerdata
    • Advancements
    • Stats
    • Regions
    • AuthMe - Clean up the old player accounts.
    • CMI - Clean up the expired user with no bypass permission.
    • DiscordSRV- Clean up the expired linked-accounts.

    2. Check the bypass permission for expired players.

    3. Bypass clean the regions which contain residences.

    4. Auto cleanup the expired data when server is starting.

    5. Custom expiry days.

    6. Backup system and compress the files.
    You can change the backup folder name and custom the backup path. Support: Logs, Playerdata, Advancements, Stats, Regions

    7. Create a detail log after clean the expired data.

    8. Support other plugins.
    • Residences - Bypass clean the regions which contain residences. And you can add custom flag "bypassclean" to bypass the clean event too.
    • AuthMe - Check the player last login time. It is very useful if you are using BungeeCord.
    • More plugin support is coming soon.


    1. Vault - (softdepend)
    Residences - (softdepend)
    3. AuthMe - (softdepend)
    4. CMI - (softdepend)
    5. DiscordSRV - (softdepend)

    *Support Paper.

    To show plugin version.
    /playerdataplus help
    To show command menu.
    /playerdataplus reload
    Reload the configuration.
    /playerdataplus version
    Check the plugin version and updates.
    /playerdataplus clean
    Clean the expired data.

    • playerdataplus.*
    • playerdataplus.command.*
    • playerdataplus.command.reload
    • playerdataplus.command.version
    • playerdataplus.command.clean
    • playerdataplus.bypass.*
    • playerdataplus.bypass.clean.* - Allows player to bypass all data clean.
    • playerdataplus.bypass.clean.TYPE - Allows player to bypass that data type. (lower case)
    Code (Text):

    # --{ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= PlayerdataPlus's Configuration Settings, by Momocraft =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= }--
    Config-Version: 1
    # If you want to see if the player data is out of date or bypassed, you can turn on the Debug mode.
    Debugging: false
    Check-Updates: true

    # Clean the old data and improve the server's performance.
    # Player bypass permission: playerdataplus.bypass.clean
        Expiry-Days: 60
        # Create a detail log file in plugin folder.
        Log: true
        # Automatic clean the old data when the server is starting.
          Enable: false
          Delay: 20
        # Backup the data in plugin folder, it only support some data types.
          Enable: true
          # The backup folder: plugin, custom
          Mode: 'plugin'
          Folder-Name: 'Backup'
          # Custom the backup path like "C:\Server". You need to set the Backup Mode to "custom".
          Custom-Path: 'C:\Server'
          To-Zip: true
          Enable: false
          # You can specific the expiry day for each data.
          Expiry-Days: 90
          # You can disable the backup feature for each data.
          Backup: true
        # Bypass permission: playerdataplus.bypass.clean.* or playerdataplus.bypass.clean.playerdata
          Enable: false
          Enable: false
          Enable: false
          Enable: false
          # Bypass clean the regions which contain Residences.
          # If you disable this option, you can still add the custom flag "bypassclean" to the residences to bypass the clean event.
          Residence-Bypass: true
            - world
            - world_nether
            - world_the_end
          Ignore-Regions: []
          #  - 'world 8.8'

      prefix: '&7[&dPlayerdataPlus&7]&r '
      noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to use that command!'
      configReload: '&aConfiguration(s) Reloaded!'
      unknownCommand: '&cUnknown command, See &e/playerdataplus help &cfor a list of commands.'
          title: '&8▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩ &d&lPlayerdataPlus &8▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩▩'
          help: '&a/playerdataplus help &8- &7This help menu.'
          reload: '&a/playerdataplus reload &8- &7Reload config file.'
          clean: '&a/playerdataplus clean &8- &7Clean the expired data.'

    1. Increase the value "timeouts" to 4,000 in spigot.yml to prevent the server restart while the plugin is cleaning data when you first use this plugin.
    2. Download the jar file into your plugin folder.
    3. Start the server.
    4. Setting your config and enable the feature you want.
    5. Reload the plugin - /playerdataplus reload.
    6. That's all, thanks. If you have any question, problem or feature request, you can tell me in the plugin "Discussion" page.

    Common problems
    1. LuckPerms will lock the request to load data for offline players from the database.
    ➽ Enable the option "vault-unsafe-lookups" in LuckPerms' config.yml. Next version will solve this problem.

    2. Deleting a large number of files will cause the server to freeze until the deletion is complete. The spigot may restart the server to interrupt the deletion.
    ➽ Increased the value of "timeouts" in spigot.yml or only enable few data check.
    【After testing, an i7-8700K (Use 3-core) computer equipped with an NVMe SSD took about 350 seconds to clean up "110,000" regions. | 2 hours to clean up "15,000" AuthMe accounts.】

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    To do
    1. Improve plugin performance⭐
    2. More plugin support.