PlayerdataPlus 1.1.2

Clean the old player data and formatting nicknames.

  1. momoservertw
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
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    ⟐ When your world file is too large, you want to delete areas that no one has visited recently.
    ⟐ Or you want to clear the old player information, but do not want to delete the VIP player.
    ➽ This plugin will be very useful for you.

    # You should backup your data before using this plugin.
    Deleting data has certain risks, and the author is not responsible for any loss of data.
    # If you have more than 2,000 players in your server, you should increase the value "timeouts" to 60,000 in spigot.yml to prevent the server restart and it will be better to enable only one of clean data.


    1. Clean expired data and custom expiry days.
    • Logs
    • Playerdata
    • Advancements
    • Stats
    • Regions - Bypass clean the regions which contain residences.
    • AuthMe - Clean up the old player accounts.
    • CMI - Clean up the expired user with no bypass permission.
    • DiscordSRV- Clean up the expired linked-accounts.

    2. Check the bypass permission for expired players.

    3. Auto cleanup the expired data when server is starting.

    4. Backup system and compress the files then create a detail log after clean the expired data.
    You can change the backup folder name and custom the backup path. Support: Logs, Playerdata, Advancements, Stats, Regions

    5. Nick formatting.
    Format players' nicks and make chat messages more tidy. Limits the nick length and the color. And automatically assign the color of a nickname by permission. Support CMI, NameTagEdit and custom commands!

    • /pp
    • /pp help
    • /pp reload
    • /pp version
    • /pp clean [type]
    • /pp nick <nick> [color] [bypass] [player]
    • /pp nick <color> [bypass] [player]
    • /pp nick off [player]

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    To do
    1. Improve plugin performance⭐
    2. More plugin cleaning support.

    3. MySQL database to save nicknames and PlayerPoints and sync player data.
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Recent Updates

  1. Error fixed.
  2. Clean code.
  3. New feature! Nick Formatting : )

Recent Reviews

  1. sergservis
    Version: 1.1.2
    Doesn't clean AuthMe base MYSQL
    Write an instruction how can I do this?
    1. momoservertw
      Author's Response
      MySQL should support, because it is based on AuthMe API operation.
      Recently PlayerdataPlus is working on new version, the problem may be corrected.
  2. Rethink
    Version: 1.1.1
    Hey,do you remember me?
    Could you please allow me to translate your plugin and advertise it to
    Many server owners are seeking good plugins there.
    I'll mark you as the author.
    I hope they can use the plugin.
    1. momoservertw
      Author's Response
      嗨 又見面了XD
      恩恩 可以轉發喔 一樣記得備註來源就好~

      伺服器核心是指 Essentials 和 CMI 之類的嗎?
      基本上都通用,只是主要支援 CMI 為主。
      Essenctials 我有時間的話可以新增一下,

      如果是指 Spigot 或 Paper 兩者也通用。