PlayerdataPlus 1.0.5

Clean the old data and improve the server's performance.

  1. Limit the maximum amount of data to ensure that logs and compressed files are generated.

    Some configurations have changed. It will automatically generate a new configuration file.
    • Added option "Max-Clean-Per-Data". It will clean up a limited amount of data once and then restart the clean process again. Set "0" to disable this feature.
    • Added option "Timeout-Warning". If your "timeout-time" setting in spigot.yml is too low, it may cause the server to restart in the middle of cleaning process....
  2. New cleanable file types!

    Some of config changed. It will automatic generated a new config file.
    • Added clean up the AuthMe accounts. Because AuthMe is using player name to stove the player accounts, it will need more time too check out the player's bypass permission.
    【After testing, an i7-8700K (Use 3-core) computer equipped with an NVMe SSD took about 1 hour and 40 minutes to check up "15,000" player accounts in MySQL database.】
    • ...
  3. Error fixed

    • Fixed the error when plugin can not get the AuthMe last login time.
  4. Error fixed

    • Fixed the checking of AuthMe last login time.
    • Fixed the hooked plugin list while server is starting.
  5. Little changed.

    • Added command /entityplus version - Check the plugin version and updates.
    • Added auto check updates when server is starting.