PlayerDistances V1.0.3

Check how far away everyone is!

  1. D4n13lH

    How to use
    Use /playerdistances (or its 2 aliases /pd and /distances )to list how far away all online players are!

    • playerdistances.use - Allows the player to use /playerdistances & its aliases

    1. Download the plugin
    2. Place playerdistances VX.X.X.jar in your plugin folder
    3. Restart/reload your server or use a plugin loader to enable playerdistances
    - Initial release
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT

    - Added aliases /pd and /distances
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT

    - Fixed a few typos
    - Fixed the console being able to use the command and printing errors
    - Made it so the distances are rounded
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT

    - Optimized some code
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT

    - Changed the no permission message to a red one
    - Fixed the version claiming to be 1.0.0
    - Built against 1.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT

    Planned features
    • None
    Known Bugs (report in discussion)
    • None

    Additional info

    If you need help just ask in the discussion section!

    PlayerDistances should work fine with all versions as it contains no version dependent code, but may break with some versions.

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