PlayerDomains | Personal Domains for every player 1.0.1

Let your players create their own sub-domain to connect

  1. inventivetalent
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    This plugin allows your players to easily create a custom sub-domain to connect to your server.

    A player only has to run the /pd set command and a custom domain will automatically be registered (for example
    When the player joins using their personal domain, they will be teleported back to the location they created the domain at.

    Things to know before using this plugin

    • You should be familiar with Domain and DNS management
    • Your DNS has to be managed by CloudFlare
      • If you own the domain, you can easily start using CloudFlare for free
      • If you are not able to use CloudFlare, let me know who manages your DNS and I will try to add compatibility for it

    1. Download and install DomainTeleport
    2. Download and install this plugin and restart your server
    3. Go to your CloudFlare account page and locate your Email Address and your API Key.
    4. You need to know the zone identifier of the domain you want to create sub-domains for. The easiest way is to use this tool.
    5. Edit the Configuration and update apiEmail, apiKey and zoneIdentifier in the cloudflare settings
    6. Set serverIP to the ip-address of your server
    7. Update domainFormat to fit the format of your sub-domains (Note: This has to contain 1. Your domain and 2. the %player% variable)
    8. Restart your server again.


    • /pd set - Creates a new domain for the player at their current location
    • /pd list - Shows a list of registered domains
    • /pd purge <domain> - Deletes the specified domain


    • playerdomains.set - Permission to use the set command (This is the only permission your players should have)
    • playerdomains.list - Permission to use the list command
    • playerdomains.delete - Permission to use the purge command
    • playerdomains.ignoreOwner - Permission to ignore the domain owner (if ownerOnly is enabled in the configuration)

    Code (YAML):

     #API-type, Available: 'cloudflare'
    : "cloudflare"
       #Settings for cloudflare
    : "[email protected]"
    : ""
    : ""

    : "123.456.78.9"
    : ""

    #Allow only the owner of the domain to connect
    : false
    #Message sent to players trying to connect to other domains
    : "&cYou are not allowed to connect to this player's domain"

    #Disable teleportation
    : false

    #Delay players have to wait until updating their domain (seconds)
    : 120


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