PlayerFileAPI 0.1.6

Simple, easy to use, Open-Source, player file management api

  1. Kilovice
    This is a very easy to use API for managing player files. On it's own, it does nothing. However, developers can use this to easily and simply manage player files!

    How to implement:
    name: YourPluginName
    main: com.yourPlugin.Main
    version: 0.1
    author: You
    depend: [PlayerFileAPI]

    How to use:
    > PlayerFile pf = new PlayerFile(Plugin pl, Player p, FileType.PLAYER_NAME);

    - This creates the PlayerFile object which is then used to gather and store data.

    > .getFile();
    - This allows to get and utilize the File itself.

    - This is still in development and there are likely to be bugs! If there are any problems, please make a notify me!
    - Supports UUIDs
    - This project is open source and the code can be found here

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