PlayerFreeze 1.0

Freeze players on the spot!

  1. minermax7
    This is a simple but helpful resource I made.

    Basically what it is does, is if there is a player doing something they shouldn't, or anything that you think would be reasonable to do, you can use /freeze <player>
    and it will stop them from moving until they are unfrozen (you just have to type /freeze <player> again and it will unfreeze them.

    There is only one permission, 'pe.freeze' (without the apostrophes of course).

    There are no known bugs or caveats known with this resource.

    The installation is alike any other resource, download the PlayerFreeze.jar, drag it into your plugins folder and reload/restart the server.

    If you require assistance, have come across an issue or want to request a feature, just visit the resource discussion page and post what you need there.

Recent Reviews

  1. Firefly1337
    Version: 1.0
    Freezing a player is perhaps the most torturous punishment one can inflict upon them.
    1. minermax7
      Author's Response
      Agreed! xD