PlayerHider! 1.4

Perfectly for hub servers, hide and show players easily!

  1. Egg

    The player hider more complete of all! with multiple options, the plugin do what the title says but, it adds more functionality and much more features that will make you satisfied having given a click to the download button!

    The plugin is oriented to be used in a hub server, anyways you can use in a normal server. PlayerHider is very simple, easy to understand and configurate.

    • Differents modes!
    • Show and Hide all players on the server.
    • You can change all in the config.

    You can choose a mode from 3 options. Basically is how the players will hide the others. Here I'll explain the modes and how does it work.
    • Cmd (command). It does what the title says, you only can hide with a command: /playerhider it will open a GUI Menu that you can choose any of the 2 options.
    • Inventory. In this mode, when you join in a server, the plugin will give a item that when you left or right click will open a GUI Menu like the cmd mode.
    • Item. In this mode, when you join to the server, the plugin will give a item that when you left or right click will toggle between showing and hide the players.




    For spanish people:
    Por si acaso te perdiste en alguna frase u oración, puedes darle un vistazo a este tema en minecraftmin, que está en español y hecho por mí :p

    Sorry for any grammar mistakes,
    I'm spanish and I'm learning english too.
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  1. JustRandomGuy
    Version: 1.4
    Great plugin but i see the author Give up on it ? hope that he come back for more updates and hope to add permission to see the owners our mod's while you're hidden player (sorry for my bad english)
  2. Larsvico
    Version: 1.4
    Um, maybe add anti spam so you cant spam the hider? if you could do that 5/5

  3. NIK220V
    Version: 1.4
    Great plugin.
    Easy-to-config everything that you need.
    Exactly what i needed.
    Thanks for the really great plugin!
  4. WillCraftero
    Version: 1.0
    Woow esta muy bueno :) ojalas podamos crear algun plugin los dos te quedo genial, Sigue poniendo mas actualizaciones
    1. Egg
      Author's Response
      ¡Muchísimas gracias! a ver cuándo nos ponemos de acuerdo o algo :p