Server icon with the player's head!

  1. PlayerIcon REVIVED

    PlayerIcon finally got a new update after 2 years! (yay)

    New features:
    • It works again after it broke somewhere in late 2017/early 2018
    • Completely rewritten and better organized
    • It is now open source on GitHub
    • Supports background images
    • Head can now be scaled
    • Way better performance
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  2. Update 1.2 - The overlay update!

    In this update, you can now add an overlay image :)
    Here is the config:
    Code (Text):
    #choose if the plugin is enabled or not
    enabled: true
    #this skin will display if you weren't joined yet
    notJoined: MHF_Question
    #choose if the head is displayed in 3d or not
    display3D: true
    #choose if a overlay is used or not
    useOverlay: false
    #if overlay is used, this is the overlayed image name
    #it must be placed in /plugins/PlayerIcon/<name>.png
    #also, it must be 64 pixels wide and high
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  3. V1.1 - 3D head update!

    With this update, you can choose a new option in the config.

    Code (Text):
    #when enabled, the head will displayed in 3d
    #you can choose between true and false
    display3D: true
    Also, the perfomance is better in this update, and now you can do /playericon reload to reload the config.
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