PlayerJoinCommand (PJC) 3.3

Execute commands from database when player joins

  1. leonfagan71
    PJC Player Join Command, I really couldn't think of a better name so called it what it did :p

    This plugin was made for Novation Minecraft server, this is a server I am working on.
    What the plugin does is when a player joins it checks the database specified for the username, it then checks if there are any outstanding commands, if there are then it executes the command and deletes the command from the table. The plugin allows multiple commands to be run one after another so a player can join and have up to 15 commands ran by the server, this can increase depending on hosts and connection speeds! The plugin actually runs for an unlimited amount of commands but the MySQL server may not be able to keep up with the requests, this could increase internet usage on the minecraft server, and although it is easily do-able it I'm classing it as best practice not to do 50 commands when a player joins..... I'm sure you can use your brain to work out that though!

    As I have said above, I made this for Novation minecraft server, it was after looking for a plugin that will do the job and I eventually could not find a plugin that would do the job, I found two that I thought would do the job but it turns out that the plugins "MySQLCommands" and "Autorun" would not allow the commands to run as I'd hoped. Autorun would not allow commands to be completed by console and MySQLCommands would not allow the commands to be run on player join.

    To install copy the PlayerJoinCommands.jar into your servers "Plugins" folder, start the server and wait for it to load, the server will warn you that the config file has been created, the server then should shutdown, you must then go into your plugins folder and then into the newly created playerjoincommands folder, open "config.yml" with your favorite editor and edit the database connection details.
    Start the server for a second time and the plugin will automatically create a database called PJC.

    /pjc add {Playername} {command}
    /pjc lookup {Playername} [#ofdays]
    /pjc list {Playername}

    The Plugin:
    This plugin is great to have, and really useful if you're using an integrated online shop. although this plugin does not have much configuration on the server the main thing is to have an online store setup with some sort of admin panel.

    • pjc.add - this allows a user to add a command to a user, I do not recommend adding this to admins or users and leave this only to owners as this does console commands. untrusted people may be able to exploit this if they had the permission.
    • pjc.lookup - this allows a user to lookup past commands that have been completed by the server, with a date/time of execution.
    • pjc.list - this allows a user to lookup commands that have not been completed by the server.
    • pjc.notify - this allows a user to receive notifications about updates and such!

    I could really have been more brief! any questions, let me know!

    To do list:
    I'm planning to add the following soon:
    • I may release the admin panel I created for my shop at some point.

    Graphics Delivered By Liam Geary

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