PlayerJoinMessage 2.0

Send messages to the players on join

  1. ThePestsKiller
    Hi, it is a simple plugin, that sends a message to the players on join, as a motd, but in game. Supports color codes.
    (In the config, i didn't write "you", sorry)

    - Commands
    - Permissions
    - Config
    - Variables

    Code (Text):
    showmessage     -     Sends you the message that are in the join
    Code (Text):
    playerjoinmessage.see     -     Allows you to see the message on join
    playerjoinmessage.command     -     Allows you to use /showmessage
    Code (Text):
    %player%     -     Shows the player's name
    %online%      -     Shows the players that are online
    %maxplayers%     -     Shows the maxplayers
    %server%     -     Shows the server's name
    %new_line%     - New line
    Code (Text):
    #    PlayerJoinMessage
    #           By
    #     ThePestsKiller

    message: '&6Hi%new_line%&a&lHow%new_line%&b&oAre%new_line%&9%player%' # Don't remove: ''